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"i can hear your heart beat from a thousand miles, and the heaven's open up everytime she smiles" - Van Morrison, Crazy Lovethat's how i feel tonight. that's how i've been feeling for awhile. suddenly a lot of things in life don't really seem so bad. little things don't bother me anymore. all because of a little fuzzy feeling in your heart? how incredible? how awesome is life?many of my friends may know me as that guy who is, i quote "in love with someone else everyday". is there any truth to it? yes, i often do go on about a different girl every two weeks and i'll crush on her for a minute and use those emotions to write songs. not necessarily about the girl specifically but sometimes about the girl specifically. i don't pick random girls, i pick girls who walk by me, cause a hurricane, make me fall over and go "wow". so i do. and i wrote hundreds of songs like this. it's called an artist and his muses.i haven't been in a relationship since 2006. i've met many girls in my travels but have i gone past getting a number and a few calls? No. and i wondered why i would do this? why was i no longer excited about the idea of getting with a girl I like. was i "bitter"? that's what girls do right, get bitter but not men. so bitter was out. the conclusion from my closest friends were: not over the exi'll admit it for a year after, i was not. it was hard to get over someone so phenomenal that she had her own breeze every time she walked by me. at the time three years ago, i was younger and totally not understanding what broke us up. but i am over her. and in fact, i've gone back to being a very big fan of hers. so the ex issue wasn't it. was it my music? had i become so lost in my own songs that i had built a world and locked myself into it alone. i mean last year when i was traveling i was at home all the time writing so many songs that the only contact i had with the world was the few friends who came to visit or write together with me. love is gift from god. one that we as humans have infinite amounts of. we are capable of loving so much more and love itself is without conditions. therefore, to develop love for someone, it is a spiritual experience as it is mental. it is of the mind and of the heart. it comes with no requirements and should not require reciprocation. i've not been looking for a girlfriend because i was looking for a partner in crime. someone who would ride or die with me. someone who would help me manage my money, my life, my affairs. someone i would give the keys and security codes too. someone who i would share any and all decisions in life with but someone who had her own thing too.i'm looking for somebody who i love unconditionally. i've had seven major relationships. six painful break ups. and one extremely painful one. i always had a girlfriend from 19 till 27 and sometimes, i had a girlfriend and a couple on the side for different purposes. so it made total sense that i would focus on my career for a couple of years and make sure that i got to where i wanted to go. in fact, there were so many things that i needed to do and this time, i had no space for someone to come along for the ride. but i think i found a girl who i love unconditionally. so i told her.crazy love. it makes u do crazy things. but it's a good start. cause i'm back. back bigger and better than i ever was before.still a non smoker..and still looking at the phone to see if she would call or text...tye lee

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Woooooooooooooooow... happy for you sweety! But you didn't tell us what she said when you made your confession! Cliffhanger... Define "crazy." Outside of the norm? Well yeah! Love is special and totally worthy of crazy! Hope she calls/texts soon... ;)
over 11 years ago
i told you.... ;) love it when i'm right x
over 11 years ago
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Great news on all counts! It's funny I was the female who always had as my friends say "A Boy A Day System" and I did the whole partner in crime deal. I am in the just work and school phase lol. Crazy Parallel. I am happy you found your unconditional love ;0) Hmm does this mean I find mine next...hehe Cheers!
over 11 years ago
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Glad to see you happy :-)
over 11 years ago
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It's always nice to find someone
over 11 years ago
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I think your problem was that you were bored. You weren't challenging yourself and what you previously used to inspire you was no longer inspirational because there was something missing. Now, you've found someone (good for you because we all look for that) and you've had the guts to tell her how you feel. No matter if she responds or not, you've taken that serious first step. Kudos! I hope she does step up to the plate. Good luck kid!
over 11 years ago
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so glad you found your girl TT ... happy you're stil a non smoker and even happier you're back!!! keep it lovey lil dovey!! LOL :P
over 11 years ago
Firce moi
So digging your new hair style....=) Wish you more sunshine and field of flowers....Don't forget to dine and wine her o('_')o
over 11 years ago
Markryan f4 markryan
"In love with someone else everyday. Is there any truth to it?" No. Spoken by those that have never TRULY been in LOVE! Image from the Adidas party? Cheers Mark
over 11 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Good to be crazy right? Hope your songs will be injected with this feeling too.
over 11 years ago
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WOW! that is so nice! I'm happy for u!! Love is a great feeling! Stay Happy! =D
over 11 years ago
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beautiful writing ..love it..
over 11 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
over 11 years ago
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I totally agree with your views on love bro... it's very much similar to the feelings i'm looking for myself. :D Hope 'she' calls!
over 11 years ago
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"If I left you, and you never came after me, I'd die." I forgot who that's from but that quote about love always gets to me - it sounds negative at first, but when you're in love you know... you know!?
over 11 years ago


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