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A Good Day

At this point in my life, I have been tasted enough.I have paid all the dues I needed to pay in respect to where I need to be.But where I wish to go requires significant work,Musically, I have grown to become a songwriter who I myself is a fan of as well. In my defense, you have to be.As far as my knowledge and experience is concerned, I am wealthy but never enough.Spiritually, I have grown to be a very god fearing individual at the center of me. At peace with myself and almost at one with the universe.Emotionally, I have healed all the wounds of past hurt and though I am single, I have someone who I totally adore and am completely enamored by. For me, that is about all I can handle right now as well.The future looks like a clean slate waiting me to paint. For eight years, I have worked hard to write the best songs I could write. I hope I helped singers reach the hearts of fans all across Asia and I hope my music inspired people in their day to day lives. I often wonder if there is a young boy like how I was dreaming of a career in music like mine.I would like to meet him and tell him it is worth every mistake, every hit, every song and every minute chasing it.For someone who isn't exactly the best looking dude in the room ever, i've gotten a significant number of girls in my life. I've woken up feeling very contented with the breezy next to me and have hardly ever regretted it. Though now, it is a little too childish for me to be skirt-chasing.I've had a lot of fun and the reason why I wrote this is because today was a good day.toshi tokiototoshi tokioto is a former music producer and songwriter who is now the world's first non-Japanese game show host who is currently not hosting a single television show. he lives by the mekong river and also owns a chicken farm where he grows ducks, pigs and assorted farming species. He is a big fan of Van Ness Wu and often sings F4 songs at the karaoke in saigon.

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