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my heart might have just skipped a beat...toshi tokioto is a former music producer and songwriter who is now an Afghan news reporter and Japanese game show host. he is still the greatest ever like Mohd Ali and muthafuckas shiver when he gets up on the drum machine. 

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lol T truly only you could pull that off. much love always -char
almost 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hehehe your alter ego is quite funny
almost 11 years ago
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WhO.... R........ U..........? Where are TeRry?.... 555555555555555555
almost 11 years ago
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stealth warrior
almost 11 years ago
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For a moment I thought this was a still from an old movie. You are something else.
almost 11 years ago


take a picture, snap....

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