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just a little crush

there was a time when i would laugh at everything you did in pure amazement.there was a time when i was thrilled about everything you did and all you stood for.there was a time when we would stand by each other and dream about how either you or me would take over the world.there was a time when i would have shared it all with you.there was a time when you made everything alright because i thought you were superhuman.there was a time when you probably felt the same.there was a time when everything you did could do no wrong.there was a time when i thought the world of you.this weekend, i had time to think about what has happened.and after this weekend, that time, was everything that happened before this weekend.so that time is now gone and unfortunately, you don't enchant me no more.there was a time and that time has passed cause the you i knew is not the you i know.it was just a little crush and you didn't take it seriously either.i'm doin just fine. i hope you are too.tye 

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