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i must admit i got a little too much running around in my head and i need to let it go for a minute.i work up at 7am today feelin' like an Amos Lee song.i think i need to start steppin' before the ceiling comes falling down on my ass.go ahead, baby, run away again,i'm growin' tired of chasing you,i know you only have time to love me,when you got nothing better to do,who's bold enough to believe,even love or war,both just leave you busted and broken down,wantin' more.i've seen it all before,and i ain't gon be your fool no more..Amos Lee's Seen it All Before

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Why your mood. View this dismal day.>< Where to work today? Fighting! ;P
almost 11 years ago
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abuse in the airport?
almost 11 years ago
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I love when I can relate how I feel to a song and somebody else has written it perfectly. I was singing an old song. I guess it's a negro spiritual. I hate my job and a customer was really pushing my buttons. So I wouldn't go all North Phila on her I just stepped away from my desk. Next thing I know I'm singing "Oh Lordy my troubles are hard. Oh Lordy my troubles are hard. Don't nobody know my troubles but God. Don't nobody know my troubles but God." If you recognize it, I think Moby remixed an old recording of it. Anyway, when I realized I was singing it, I cracked up and instantly felt better. Ta!
almost 11 years ago
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Hmmm now your talkin bout my ex-good song and hadn't heard it before but DAMN does that fit how we were O to well....
almost 11 years ago


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