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your songs are still coming

so i will admit that the last year was trying.this year is no exception.and while i am trying to ease my way into retirement from this music game, there are some who make it a point to push me as if they were hoping I would lose it.i lost it at my mother last night for trying to remind me to be cool...and you can imagine how guilty I felt.but the bottom line is, I am alive. and like I said a couple months ago-YOU MUTHAFUCKAS, KEEP PUSHING ME AND I MIGHT HAVE TO FIND MY WAY OUT OF RETIREMENT!please don't push me. cause cats like myself, we don't ever fall off, we chill but we don't ever fall off. cause i was put on earth to heal people through music. i am away cause i am healing myself  before i set off on heaven's will.still tye and still hanging out with my boy's supermodel friend....terry lee

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Your life don't look so bad... Hang in there!
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take a picture, snap....

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