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My friends.

I really value my friends alot. By simply paying lip service is really not doing them justice. I really really cherish these beloved pals in my life that tell me they have my back covered no matter what.

I mean it.

My Godsister is this incredible girl, she sends me encouraging verses from the bible almost everyday and inspirational quotes. In return, I tell her jokes, gazillion of them really painfully corny jokes that see her turning pale and foaming at her mouth. Yeah , to be my friend is a horrible and torturous experience. The...Read more

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Of dolls and such.

Since I was a little girl I've always been curious , wideeyed and sometimes reckless. I remember once when it was a bright sunny normal afternoon and mum wasn't home, I decided to attempt to reach the highest point of my cupboard where my dolls had been kept.

Mum had kept them there because she said I had to play with the old rickerty broken dolls first, they were akin to the hand-me-downs that my cousins did not want. Mum said the new dolls were meant to be given away, so I could never unwrap them from their boxes nor coul...Read more

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When this pic was taken, someone remarked that my hair looked like bird nest fern. :)

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my poetry/ Grey

Pretty pretty cloud

Seep up thunders and rain

Bolts and flashes intemperate

Round the sky in cloak rapt

Black black black

Sift her black pretty grey

A new white now, grey


This very hour mild in toil

Severed from that oracle

Not black nor white

Strange is grey, strange.

In annihilation of botches

Wipe this slate cleanest white

If white would still be white

While Eminem sings Kim

Drops of grey drizzle brim

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Up again I go.

I know there's a searing hot pain flashing in my heart but at the same time I am better focused than ever on doing a good job in my work. Lots of things to catch up on. A new show and recordings!

And always writing.

I cried so much, my eyes are puffy and swollen. I cried enough and I'm done crying. I was not crying for the wrongdoer, who does not make mistakes ? I was crying for the time I had wasted and spent in silly wonder at perhaps I had done something wrong or that I was not good enough.

Well Lydia is a fi...Read more

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The what-nots. Cheater.

I have been feeling so groggy , because I have to sleep so much. The nights are nights and the days are longer nights..

I' ve had this stupid condition of fainting and losing consciousness when I suddenly stop breathing and then people call an ambulance and I get to be on the respirator when I cannot breathe. Some people from school will tell you I break the record in my entire school record for getting the most ambulance rides to hospitals. This happened all the way until I went into college and became healthy and clear.<...Read more

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Here but there

Have you ever felt breathless , weak and almost as if that fragile heart of yours will beat no more ? Have you ever felt that if you simply shut your eyes , you can will yourself to disappear like a dot , like you've never really actually existed ?

That is some weird place . When you shut your eyes , it is as if all the light is snuffed out of you but neither is darkness engulfing you. I tell you what it is , that place is just a strange silence. If you concentrate really hard , closing your eyes won't bring you darkness nor li...Read more

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Sick and out for now.

Hello my friends


I'll be blogging alot less for this period because I'm a little sick and won't be able to do anything except lie quietly on my back.

Sorry, I cannot attend the AnD halloween :( U guys have fun.


Will come on now and then to check mails and read updates.


PS: Thanks to those that have asked about me, I'll be ok. :)




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one of my fav musical songs: stars and the moon




I met a man without a dollar to his name

Who had no traits of any value but his smile

I met a man who had no yearn or claim to fame

Who was content to let life pass him for a while

And I was sure that all I ever wanted

Was a life like the movie stars led

And he kissed me right here, and he said,

"I&...Read more

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im their sobering pill

I find it very strange that my friends like to call me up when they are drunk ! 4 different people over 2days and 3 in a day !  Well the last one called me at 1am this morning so imagine how erm it would have been 4 in one day?!

What am I,the sobering remedy?

Okay, they were not complaining to me even though one of them is a banker :)

I just missed a really fun party.

AND when I was 17, someone duped me to try this "tea" since I don't drink. It was longisland. The nerve, the nerve!

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