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little thrift ways

Hello friends

Here are some things I have always thought were good for saving resources in this world as well as a bit of thrift. I use my toothpastes, eye creams, facial washes to the very last bit. When it reaches the end of the tube, I never throw it away but cut the tube up so that I can still ooze the last traces of the product. When that happens there will be remnants and I keep it in a resealable sandwich bag or I use aluminium foil and wrap the product. Sometimes I keep it in the fridge to keep it from evaporating.

I'm sure many people use a big grocery bag or paper bags instead of plastics but in Singapore I still see lots of people using plastic bags. Well, if you find it a hassle, keep a few thin paper bags in your car or in your large handbag. I do that. Plastic bags can harm the environment :(

I reuse old magazines and paper to wrap trash and to place them on the table during dinner. Because it may look unpresentable when other people are around, I try my best when noone is around. I save the pretty table mats later when the guests do come. Some table mats you know are well made of plastic. :)

To prevent wastage, I store my bread in the freezer and take 4 slices out at a time so that even if I do not finish them, I won't fret if they expire. I take 4 because sometimes I might forget, or if I'm hungry I want more. You can always defrost.:)

Use old batteries on low watt appliances.

When u have extra ice cube trays, don't throw them. Keep earrings and little things like bracelets in them.

Baking soda can be a cleaning agent. Don't throw it away after u've used one third and will not bake in the next month or so.

If your hands smell from peeling onions or peeling shrimps and fish, use apple cider vinegar to wash them.

If u get insect bites put the vinegar on a cloth and go over your wounds.

When my eyecreams expire or when I am given samples by sponsors or friends, I don't throw them. Eyecreams are made for delicate skin around the eyes, therefore I keep them to moisturize my hands or arms.

I try not to use stryrofoam boxes whenever I can or plastic bags.

I use old T shirts as rugs and I'm sure many of you guys do too.

I don't use an electric cake mixer. I do it by hand, this is preference because I believe it tastes better. I also beat eggs manually.

I try not to waste water. I use a little basin and fill it with water to wash my face.

I know there are some families who don't flush the toilets often, I'm not really at that standard because erm I have my own issues with cleanliness so I flush the toilets! But I do these little things because I feel they keep me disciplined and I help save resources.

Lastly, whenever I have alot of leftovers in the fridge such as excess carrots or peas and beef or whatever I will use them up either by making them into frittatas or pies! :)

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Photo 55108
diluted urine is great organic fertilizer for garden veggies :oP
over 12 years ago
Photo 45240
very insightful post dear! the tips are a beaut. =) i hope your doing well and hope your mum is feeling better! =D take care.
over 12 years ago
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I found out that used coffee grounds are a GREAT fertilizer for rose bushes :)
over 12 years ago
Redgate profile
Wow, that's a lot of helpful tips!
over 12 years ago
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All are great ideas....it's good to be reminded from time to time and I so need these reminder. Thanks so much L.
over 12 years ago
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All useful and practical ideas. It's good not to waste in this day and age. I carry my own fold-up nylon bag to the market when I shop so that I don't have to take bags from the stores. Old newspapers and magazines can also make good giftwrap.
over 12 years ago
Pamelynchee ac pamelynchee
yo auntie lydia.. we are totally on the same page regarding this issue.. i always bring a plastic bag in my bag so i dont have to get another 1 from the store!!
over 12 years ago


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