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I prayed.

And smiled

Ask for answers and God gives you one. It's sometimes really great to be low,languid and downtrodden. That way you realize there is simply no inclination to want to be positive, you will realize then when you ask for answers and help from God, it becomes real. The doubt that it is but a figment of your own imaginary wish for hope becomes less when you hit ground zero.

And so, sometimes I thank God for showing me what is real and what is not. Grief, disappointment, anger and shocks are always going to sn...Read more

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My poetry/ my malady For Marie Jost

My malady


An indomitable force, independent fly

The earth stirs, unsuspecting gentle

Silently in purposeful tip toe

Breathe I am to breaths inhale

Robust life and the world's vigour

Gently graze her kisses hold

Secret whispers to rythmic song

Mounting this her stranger's chord.


Stranger to none yet everyone

Stranger than strange to anyone

Wayward strange, soulful mild

Innocent grins the strange wild c...Read more

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my poetry/Thisbe's anger (II)

Thisbe's Anger (II)


Teach me how to briskly walk suave

The torrent of emotions and yesterday's deeds

Recorded and etched in grim gravestone

Murder from a cacophony of wails and mourns

Kill kill kill


Kill then my music of nostlagia

Kill then my music of reminisciences

Kill then my undeniable irony

Kill then my unfailing loathe

Kill then those reels that spin

Kill then the motors of the unwavering saw

Kil...Read more

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my poetry/ the only

The Only


Dust that sweat off your brow

Dry your eyes and beam

Emit that radiant smile hearty chuckle

You've come to own

Tears or not

Fears or not

The wind caresses still,

As the leaves rustle by

So will the sun kiss your cheek

So will the clouds scamper

In delirious delight


Run along now happy arms

Flail yourselves in candid summon

Remarkable feet race to earth's end

Glow little flame

...Read more

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i am scared of operations.fear makes u alone.

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The night of distant pondering.

When it gets dark and the world is quiet,I stand and stare out of my window and watch the sky. Most people search for that bed of stars across the sky,but I don't really know what I am looking for. A cloud maybe. Or many of them. Clouds comfort me. They are a burst of fluff,sometimes I see them in different guises; a little boy on a dragon with twin heads,or a sea of dandelions on a perfect flowerbed,and just sometimes I see an occasional parched back of a hunched dame. In times like these I wonder if the regular beating o...Read more

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A song for carpets.

My brother told me when I was younger not to "get angry,but get even" when people agitate u. But that was when we were really really young and he had not(I suspect) meant this saying to be a central focus in my life. It isn't and cannot be because I've been taught since young that u have to forgive people like nuts because "Jesus would do it too" according to mum,aunt and all the religious people in our family. I think I grew up with the mentality that I am never supposed to be angry,have no right to get angry ...Read more

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The rules of engagement.

A friend asked me today why I wrote poetry or music or anything in text filled with angst and almost anger. Well fury was the word he said. But I chuckled and said to him that it was BETTER I sounded angry,or as peeved when I felt a certain way and expressed it through an art form than venting it out on someone innocent or a family member, friend.

How ironic. When we often encourage our friends to take their minds off unhappy things,or even silly trivial petty issues,such as little molehills (getting bad service,ripped off,ta...Read more

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My teenage memories!

I was having supper with my friend last night and we started talking about our high school lives, and teenage crushes and infatuations. To this day nobody believes me when I tell them I used to like this boy who was rather rotound. Have u seen the Wang Wang little biscuits?Yes that boy,my friend looked just like that boy,except chubbier. I had this crush going on for 3 years!!!! While I related this,my friend widened his eyes in disbelief but it was really true! I

n any case I never found this surprising or questionable because m...Read more

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My poetry/Thisbe's Anger

Thisbe's Anger


A pallid child with naught but the bulwark of fear

Startles at your minacious forked tongue

Rage is a child-old gnome with decadent sores

He hunches,fury blanched with knuckles wan

Silent stirrings from the secret whispers

Cast Cast Cast


That die to Fortune's mysterious ways

Courage under fire

Or fury from a stalwart of rage

Crystallized to saturated age

Venom of your lily livered worth

Nurtur...Read more

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