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Positive story

Start your morning with positivity.

I read the story of Gavin MacLeod, the actor who played Captain in Love Boat. He and his wife Patti had been married for 7 years. They faced some problems when Gavin's career didn't see light. So they got a divorce and Patti was devestated. However she never gave up but prayed and gave thanks to God every night. She prepared an extra set for dinner dutifully instead of just for herself. 3 years later, a knock came during dinner.

Patti smiled and told Gavin to go in and that his dinner was "getting cold".

They remarried shortly after that.


I was rather touched by this story. Anyone could have given up on love if they faced a divorce or even just fall into a slump. But this lady believed and belief is a strong best friend of faith.

You believe and you have faith, you will infect others when they see you. Even if this lady never got back her husband, it still touches me how she did not give up. When we give up we put a death to hope.

A friend asked me what is going to happen if I am in SIngapore because I need to be here to take care of mum and near her. What about your career, he asked.

I don't need to worry. It's all taken care of, and I have faith. :) Naturally if I miss out on some things now it means I wasn't meant to be part of those. If I am going to be here with mum grudgingly then I should not even be here. I am here just happy to be of help. Everyday I think of creative ideas to make fresh fruit juices for mum. Everyday I try to make it different so she does not get bored. I also read to her and then I pray for her. When she asks me if she's hindering me in any way I say NO, not because I want to make her feel better but because I believe it. And house chores feel better when you do it out of love. I used to do things out of pure obsession. Must get every germ and microscorpic dna of a bacteria dead. Hee. Now I know, if I try doing that I probably will collapse because my mum is more meticulous than me.

Let's let hope live and infect others who will infect more others.

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I enjoyed reading this entry... thanks for sharing this... it's all about faith, hope and love... very inspiring.
over 12 years ago
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L .... it was rather sad of Patti to keep blind faith like that (they were divorced!) ... but it's great that it turned out good for her in the end .....but staying positive is definitely a winner!
over 12 years ago
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Really nice about the couple who married, divorced & got back together .. power of positive thinking!!! :D
over 12 years ago
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Your love and commitment to your mother is sadly rare in today's world - I am glad people like you are still out there. Whether it's work, serving your family, or pursuing your creative passion, I strongly believe whatever you do with dedication and with love will pay off... sometimes in ways unexpected. Am glad I came back to visit your blog!
over 12 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Coincidentally, my faith has been waning recently and today I had this feeling that nothing is ever going to go my way. After reading this entry though I am reminded that losing faith is not the answer if anything one's faith in difficult times needs to be that much stronger. Thank you very much for this entry Lydia. As always, I look forward to future entries from you.
over 12 years ago
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How blessed we are to the one who answers our faith, Jesus! Hope you're doing well sweetie :) [HUG]
over 12 years ago
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thanks for sharing ;-)
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I have to admit I didn't know who Gavin MacLeod is till I read this story. No one could have said this better or at least I believe you covered all the bases =P It only take one positive person to shift the world someone wise told me one. Very inspiring blog to start the weekend Lydia!!!
over 12 years ago
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You're absolutely right Lydia, and it's not easy what you've chosen to do, but indeed faith is a powerful tool.
over 12 years ago
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Brilliant story Lydia! You know, I was about to write a similar story. It is no coincidence we are all thinking the same. Do you know why we are now all here Lydia? Because we are here to finish God's work. :) Believe it or not, within the past year I've come across more and more people here who think like you and me. Gilgamesh, Gordon Chiu, Yu Yung Yung, nearly everyone we met are thinking the same way about positivity. Last year Obama made the statement that 'We are the change we are looking for. We are the change that we seek' and he is right. We alone can change the world by our thoughts and actions alone......for we ARE all God's Children. Since we are all from the same creator, we contain the same DNA and genetic structure....and same life-changing powers as Jesus or Buddha. They can still be our principle guide, but the path that is walked WILL BE US. It doesn't need to take a whole lifetime for us to get there. We can get there NOW. All that we need is to change our thoughts and mentality into positive ones, and we are already there. :)
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