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Random as it gets.

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Wolves and behaviour.

Did u know that within the wolf pack there are different kinds of wolves?There is the alpha wolf which is the leader of the pack,the beta wolf that takes over when the alpha wolf is dethroned, attacked or dies.The omega wolf is the one that all the wolves pick on and it also is the most subservient one of the pack. It becomes court jester when other wolves start fighting and then it isolates itself when the other wolves bully it. This is the wolf that gets stepped all over and it's the tamest of the wolf pack.Now, why am I writing t...Read more

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Song: The Clock

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/u8Jco__WZhU&hl=en&fs=1

Sometime ago D'in and I decided to work on a few tracks, to spar each other with our creative juices. This is my piece,titled The Clock.Feel free to comment. The clock is a completely raw and unedited recording. I wanted it that way to show the edge of the sentiment. Actually I like everything to be free flowing so 1 take is best for me. Everyone writes differently, for me, I write what I se...Read more

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Human Trafficking, film

Recently saw a film called Human Trafficking. It disturbed me greatly, to know kids are abducted and forced to become sex slaves by ruthless mercenary businessmen. I hope more and more people take notice of the unfortunate crimes in the world even as recession hits us. Driven to despair, unscrupulousness reigns, these are hard times. My mum and I are in the process of helping some orphans get through their basic education and amenities in India. I wish I could do more but these things require more time and resources. I am sure I can a...Read more

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Unpacking boxes and boxes of things and organizing my new place is an uphill task. It has been crazy :( I also realized that I really have WAY too much clothes. Lots of clothes, lots. Of course the act of rummaging and going thru things mean I rediscover those memories. The other day he came by my house because he wanted to pass me my clothes and some things, including my old tapes and scrīpts. While packing those items into boxes I realized I was packing my old me into them too. I saw this big stuff toy he got me once. U know, I'm not a stuffed...Read more

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Moved and moved on.

There is something extra therapeutic about moving to a new apartment and doing it up. As I was putting on new bedsheets, I thought to myself, about how much better I wish I could change them. I always feel that changing bedsheets is the one thing I detest most. I hate how u have to put it at the corner only to loosen the other corner and then realize that it's all untidy and the sides are at the wrong places. I realized how impatient I can be and that sometimes it may look neat and pretty veiling an obvious chaotic mess beneath. I gue...Read more

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Some updates

I'm moving to a new place :)

Lotsa stuff to do and to focus on!

Hope everyone has been well. I am excited about my new place and doing it up during the weekends. Also I just saw Curiousity Kills The Cat starring Carina Lau and Hu Jun. I like it!

Earlier, I was upset about some things and my health was bad. Now I'm back to my feet and I know better than ever how important positivity is now!

Write more soon!

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I love God and music.

I don't know anything other than I love God and music. In that order.

Yesterday I prayed and I asked God about many things, mostly my fears and the flaws I saw/see in myself.

Sometimes when I feel doubtful, confused and uncertain about myself, (oh...don't we all go thru this at times) I'd question God about my selfworth.

The wonderful thing about God is that you don't have to be anything and you know He thinks you're the best. Don't we all try to be good to people sometimes, even our loved...Read more

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My poetry/ Anton's Drink

Here's a drink Uncle Ant

Chilled, stirred in sweet lament

Pretty oh and pretty please

Slurp some now this modesTEA

A cupful of your plastic kiss

Green you say like some piss

Hahaha once I start

Hurry fight my quick rebut

That's no liver there I see

Black Black Black totally

Change your drink to ModesTEA

Retard One, Two and Three

Drink them to longevity

Love them boys your faint heart

D'in, Gould,  and Klo...Read more

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Letter from an unknown woman, movie

I just saw Letter from an unknown woman by Xu Jing Lei.

It's a very narrative rich style and the directing takes the unsuspecting audience into the story. But not in that compulsory way. You are not forced into sympathy or to judge the character nor do you feel such a whole lot of emotional turbulence. It is like water with lemon. Only the taste it faint but there. Im trying to say I like the intenalized feel of the film. It isn't a loud, robust load of tears as some other tragic stories can be, nor a vibra...Read more

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