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Positivity II

Here's another story to share with you. 

Positivity is power. If you've ever read The Secret, you will know what the secret is. It's no secret actually, we all know it, but what makes the book a bestseller is the fact that someone REMINDS you of what you already know. This is because most of the time people are used to being disheartened and disappointment, it becomes tiring to look on the bright side. It always is easier being gloomy because that is a natural reaction. But if you want things to change, then be empowered. Say only and hear only positivity.

Once there was a group of frogs that went to the jungles to explore. Two of them fell into a deep pit and the rest of the frogs shrieked when they saw how deep the pit was. They started telling the 2 frogs that they were as good as dead because the pit was a deathhole. The two frogs were jumping as hard as possible at this point to get out but the other frogs kept yelling that they would never make it.

1 of the frogs listened and took heed to what the other frogs said. He eventually stopped jumping and died in despair. The other frog continued however. Once again the other frogs told him to submit to his fate and stop his pain since he was going to die eventually. But the frog did not do that and instead he jumped even harder and actually managed to finally get out when he landed near to the top of the pit. When he did get out, the other frogs asked him if he had not heard them when they had screamed down that he was going to die. But the frog did not respond.

The reason was simple, the frog was deaf. When he saw the other frogs clamouring,he thought they were encouraging him to get out and so he was more persistent.


When we are positive, we also infect others with power because we shower positivity and blessings on them. So, take heart. If you're down, don't listen to the voice of negativity in your head nor others. Be deaf and believe that even if noone encourages you, you must encourage yourself too.:)

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The story of the frogs is a good one... very relevant. I've read "The Secret" - initially thought it to be a little far-fetched. Will it and it will come? Yeah, right! But then, on further reflection, it became clearer that being positive and willing something to happen, whilst not directly going to force the outcome you want, is certainly going to make you behave in a way that maximises your chances of getting what you want. There's more wisdom in that book than first meets the eye.
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I have the book "The Secret" but haven't had the chance to read it yet... the frog story is a good one... =D I've learned to believe, "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something." Thanks for sharing this great story.. =)
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Never read "The Secret" will need to find a copy :) Good story about the frogs .. another good story is "The Little Train Who Could" ... "I THINK I CAN ... I THINK I CAN ... I KNOW I CAN!!!"
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i needed that...
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That's a good story, I like it's meaning a lot.
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i wish i can be deaf to my negative demons like froggy .... keke liddy .. u are my positive charger from now on ok?
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Nice story! At the end of the day its about how much you really desire something!? Often when things gets difficult it's easy to give up, anyone can do this! But, the harder it is the more it is more having! With a positive mind, perseverance and believe in yourself anything is possible!!! Funny that the frog was deaf! If there is negativity around you, take it out the equation (these things drain your positive energy) and your mind will refocus to keep doing your thing!!!
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