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Positivity VII

Sometimes when we try to think positive we meet certain conditions in reality that makes the act of wanting to be positive feel difficult. We think, we could try and attempt for a day or two but the difference between us and other people who do succeed to rise out of their negativity is because our situations are very 'different" or too "realistic". Well, this is just a typical rant of a cynic. I've been there, trust me. I saw a reason everyday for not believing in the better of things. I felt that it was always "different" or I won't be able to keep up the "high" from wanting to be so fluffy. You know why I say "fluffy" right? Because when we are hit with disappointment, the predictable thing is to sigh and say "grin and bear with it" in a slightly bitter way. Because we think "life sucks" or "that's life". Stop, if you're one of those. You would be the me that I was previously and believed in resignation. Trying to be positive in a time where setbacks hit you seems to be an idle man's fluff. Any person who seems to think fluff, is not working his brain at handling the situation. Wrong. Even if you resigned or just shut yourself out by worrying, you're not being an active hardworking handler of difficult situations. What you have done is created a possibility for high blood pressure, tension and depression.

Sometimes it can be really tough to the point, it really is alienating because no one might be able to say they understand. Especially when it comes to dealing with death and grief. But here is another story where there's a little humor to it as well as truth. I like it because there is so much positivity in it.

Two angels were traveling one day and stopped at a huge mansion where they waited to spend the night. The family was affluent but rude and refused to allow them to put up at the guest rooms. Instead they left the angels at a cold spot in the basement. While making their beds on the hard floor, the younger angel saw the older angel patching up a hole in the wall. When he asked about it, the older angel replied

" Things aren't always what they seem".

The following night the angels came across a poor farmhouse of a hospitable and kind couple. They shared what little food they had and even gave them their bed so the angels could have a good rest. However the following day the angels woke to find the farmer and wife in tears. The only cow they had whose milk had been their main source of income had died.

The younger angel was heated up and asked angrily why the older angel had allowed this to happen when the first man had everything and the angel had helped him but the second family had little but was willing to share everything.

"Things aren't always what they seem".

The older angel replied that when they had lived in the first man's basement, he had patched up the hole in the wall because there was undiscovered gold hidden beneath it at the basement. Because the first man had been obsessed with being rich and unwilling to share his good fortunes, the older angel had sealed the wall so the owner would not find it. And during the night where they had lived in the poor farmer's house, the angel of death had come for the farmer's wife. The older angel replied that he gave the cow up instead.

That is why when things don't seem to be going the right way as they "should", fret not. Positive thinking requires faith and the courage to keep going. It may seem tough at the moment but things may ultimately be to our advantages. Why be negative and have faith in hopelessness? Thoughts get repeated over and over in our heads. When we worry, we are effectively nagging and chanting bad ideas into our heads over and over again. Isn't it too exhausting to hear someone nag all day? Well what happens when we are our own "naggers" and we also get our own nagging. We get doubly exhausted for doing that. Being negative is very tiring while positivity is energy giving. Forget about the people who tell you it's fluff. They really want to believe, trust me. :)

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lovely angels story L .... the last paragraph just what i needed ....
about 12 years ago
Jayson 93 2
about 12 years ago
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There's a "silver lining" in the story about the farmer .. they could butcher the dead cow, sell the meat, and buy another milk cow, right? :)
about 12 years ago
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In everybody's lives, there will be a time for need, support and help! This is when you find out your true friends and family - there will be disappointments :( and there will be surprises :) Keep away from the negative, this will drain you, be positive and positive things will happen!!! Moonchild that so funny lol, but so true :))
about 12 years ago
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that's so true. There really is no point in being negative it gets us nowhere but closer to the bottom of a bottle, at least positivity gives us hope, no matter how thin the rope that bind it may be.
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