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Positivity IV

Having positive thoughts is one thing. Being consistently positive is another. Sometimes when we set out with a bright and chirpy attitude and something comes along to irk us, well, how do we deal with it? You can't cave in and go, "see, I told you so. It never stays."

Well all the more when it gets harder and things look realistically impossible, that's when we can best use our faith. Most people think it is playing safe to not dream, to not have hopes. They think it is pointless, random and hippie behaviour. Faith isn't called faith when you already know things are going well. It is most evident when you don't know if things will always be well, or if things were not well and you know they will be well.

I came across a story of a couple who lived in a small home. They had a strange setup in their house. They had bought a strange looking couch.The couch was oversized and too large for the tiny space in the living room so that it lay awkwardly in the middle and anyone who saw the house would look puzzled. But this couple was one that had such amazing positivity. Their explanation was, they were only temporarily living in that small house, once they moved to a bigger place they would be able to fit the couch in.

Interestingly time passed and still the couple lived in that same house and their visitors always asked and they always replied cheerfully back. After a while it became apparent to people that these two were just "strange" or dreamers.

Not long later, the same man from the above mentioned couple received a promotion from securing a big business deal for the company he worked for. And true enough he did so well to the point that he prospered abundantly. Guess what, the couple decided to go house hunting and true enough they moved to a bigger house that was twice as large the initial one they were living in and after they moved to their new abode, they gave their old couch away and bought a brand new set!

Sometimes when the reality of the situation does not provide for visual comfort, fret not. We can always do the obvious and submit to situations of despair, unfairness and problems. Or we can equip ourselves with determination and hope. It is difficult to have faith and more difficult to keep having faith. But why believe the negative thoughts in your head or people who tell you it is "too tough" or "unrealisitc"? Since when was having faith a realistic quality?


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well put. a lot of kids can benefit from the lesson here -- if only they understand
about 12 years ago
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Niceeeee, I like it ;) "Live & Dream - Dreams are what the Future are Made" This is actually the main theme for this years Summer Collection ;) Hey Lydia if you have time, check out my Philosophy about Life ;) www.g-tox.com Hope you like?
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irk irk!
about 12 years ago
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Good story, Lydia .. the couple didn't lose their faith & through the husband's hard work they succeeded :D
about 12 years ago
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yes, I agree... but in the past, I didn't believe in dreams coming true... I always thought it was just part of a fantasy.... but something happened in my life that made me realize dreams do come true... =) this is a good story... Thanks for sharing...
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I believe that dreams do come true... it's just unfortunate that we sometimes don't allow them to come true. I read a story somewhere of a guy who wrote himself a cheque for a large sum of money, telling himself that some day he would earn that kind of money... and he put that cheque in his wallet and kept it there till he almost forgot about it... then one day, after he had become successful, he saw the cheque in his wallet, took it out and realised that the sum of money he had written down on that cheque was exactly what he was making now! Now how incredible is that?? If only we all had such faith in ourselves and the dedication and determination to see it through. Inspiring!
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What a great story. And there are similar examples everywhere. I'm in Melbourne right now - in the midst of the Australian Open. Each day there are at least two matches where a player comes back from an "unwinnable" situation to take the match. Positivity is a state of mind that really does impact our actions.
about 12 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Hi Lydia, thanks again for another helpful blog entry. Perfect timing too. Had been feeling great but hit a couple of bumps in the last couple of days which kind of knocked me up a bit. After reading this entry though, I am reminded again about faith and how no matter what happens faith will get you through the toughest of times. :)
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The couch thing - not sure if it's looking ahead this couple was thinking of. Maybe that was their way of excusing why they'd bought the hideous couch in the 1st place. lol.
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a great story! I'm your fan!! :-)
about 12 years ago
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Too true, good message.
about 12 years ago


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