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This 25 random thingy

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You also have to tag the person who tagged you.

I really wouldn't have done this but ok, since I'm weirdly eccentric sometimes, maybe this explains.

  1. I fear durians. Once in a church camp when I ate durians like every other crazed person, I was subjected to a prolonged 2 hour sermon in an enclosed space. The fumes excreted in terms of hiccups and burps and rear expulsions caused so much trauma I never touched another durian for the rest of my life. Try to convert me and you'd find yourself in a coma with durians as pillows.

  2. I am a little purist. Anyone who eats sashimi with coke should be sent to the guillotine, massacred and burnt on a stake-- shioyaki style. I am still getting educated on fusion foods, but what is a durian brulee? Is it creme brulee poisoned meant to serve an ignorant king, Macbeth style?

  3. I can be forgetful. A few times I called someone up and forgot who I was calling. Once I dialed someone and while waiting I was flipping this church bulletin. I ended saying "hello can I speak to Jesus please?"

  4. I love to cook. I smile when I cook.

  5. I am excessive. I like eggs, I once loved this HK style omelet so much I had 5 of it. That would be 20 eggs at one seating. Most of my friends have encouraged me to take part in an eating competition. But I'm real picky with food, it's because I'm picky that when I like something I have alot of it.

  6. I'm not a sweets person. Savoury stuff does it for me. But brownies with vanilla icecream is the only dessert I would eat. I somehow find the old school combination very complementary!

  7. Green Tea is my favourite drink. Green Tea milkshake, green tea chilled, warmed. I like matcha least and gyokuro and hojicha. Green tea in Singapore canned with the suspiciously dodgy yellowed liquid does not count. Oolong is a far second. If there isn't any of these I drink H2O.

  8. I don't drink but it's not because I cannot drink. When I was 19 I discovered I had an ability to not get drunk, even by scarily strong alcohol. And then I tried sake and either because it was good grade sake or I'm just not infallible afterall, I think I went into this twillight zone where everything was Blair Witch Project style. This was the first and last time I tried sake.I decided alcohol was not really my thing.

  9. I am narcoleptic, but this is because I'm a chronic insomniac. It means if I am standing, holding a glass of hot tea and staring right at you, I can fall asleep too.

  10. I received 99 red roses once. The next day I received 99 white roses with the note " Bet you did not expect this right?"

  11. I love watching musicals and operas. When I was in NYC I spent 6 days watching almost 10 shows. I love performances more than shopping.

  12. I have a dad who speaks English as his first language and a mum who speaks Mandarin as her first language. Growing up, I got yelled at in both. This makes me very billingual until my grandma comforted me in dialect. I picked up Deutsch in college and can understand some Japanese and sing Japanese songs. Korean is next.

  13. I love arthouse movies. But I love star wars and other cult movies like Blade. I seem to dig war, military movies alot. Foreign films have always attracted me. I saw one recently called La Mala Educacion. It was weird but I like it. I love Mulholland Dr and Requiem For A Dream.

  14. I seem to understand Charlotte Perkins Gilmann a little too well. I understand the Yellow Wallpaper in a lucid fashion. I adore Sylvia Plath and Virginnia Woolf to. Sadly all 3 died of depression.

  15. I like watching sports. Liverpool is my favourite team and I adore Tracy Mcgrady. I'm also fond of baseball.

  16. I like bungee jumping, adventure sports and heights.

  17. I have a strange quirk. It borthers me to sit at the table nearest to the toilet in any restaurant. Also disgusting toilets makes me frenzied. I don't really understand why people like to describe their habits during mealtimes in such excitable vivid fashion. I believe I am repressing my violence with my cheerful smiles in such situations.Ha.

  18. I believe in non wastage. I usually carry extra shopping bags instead of getting the plastic ones from the supermarket. I like the idea of people caring to recycle.

  19. I had a crush on this boy who was 3 times my size at 15. It lasted 3 years, he never knew. I thought he was chubby and adorable.

  20. I want to contribute towards the causes helping abused kids. It is one of my biggest goals to help however few I can. Someday I hope to set up a school, free for kids in unfortunate areas of the world.

  21. I love to laugh and I can laugh at myself for being a twit sometimes. I would smile at anyone I have eye contact with.

  22. I don't really like romantic comedies but recently I started liking a few. I will deny anyways. Heh.

  23. I like honesty and positivity. However I find myself feeling for people who are melancholic and depressed. I wish they can all hop out of it like I did.:)

  24. I can get misunderstood easily but that is why art is my greatest form of outlet. I play the piano and every single emotion, even blankness comes to me in my head in the form of tunes.

  25. I don't like seeing other people getting hurt. Wife abusers, husband abusers or animal abusers and child abusers are cruel. But gossip hurts other people too, so I would rather hang with people who are positive and focused on what's fruitful and meaningful.

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Photo 35751
how are you interesting list I relate to 20 and 25 particularly
about 12 years ago
Photo 55108
digesting .... Liverpool & T-mac eh? .... interesting!
about 12 years ago
Photo 5614
interesting... =) getting to know you even more... so how many times have you bungee jumped?
about 12 years ago
Photo 212991
Thanks for sharing! Yes for green tea!!!
about 12 years ago
Photo 43083
I should check with Elle if I'm supposed to do this one ~_^
about 12 years ago
Photo 31055
THANK YOU for this blog!!! I'm so happy you do this Lydia and tiny me has something to do with it :-) I hope it's fun at least!!! # 3 - Funny, I can't help but wonder how many times you ask for Jesus :-) I called my "male" boss Lydia once...was reading your blog giggling, mind you and he popped up out of no where =P # 6,7 - totally me :) #9 - this is scary... # 10, someone is seriously "creative" # 19, usually cute...hehehe I can do this with every single # you have up there but I afraid you think I'm crazy :-) Reading your 25 is so much fun and I bet you can do another 25 one of these days. Thank you SO much. It's wonderful to know a little more about you Lydia.
about 12 years ago
Jayson 93 2
I fear durians too. It's not so much that I fear the after effects of eating one, they're just so dangerous looking! :)
about 12 years ago
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Thanks for sharing these random facts. I never knew you suffered from narcolepsy, and youn know so many languages, I wish I learned more when i was younger. You are a very helpful young lady, always wanting to use your experiences to guide others through their hard times, it's a lovely way to be.
about 12 years ago
Photo 355127
Interesting quirks - we all have them, I guess. I agree with Joanne - your selflessness in wanting help others is inspiring. And like yourself and Jayson, just quietly, I'm a little afraid of Durians myself...
about 12 years ago


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