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My poetry/prose


When i saw u yesterday and u lunged forward to hug me,i crept timidly and let u hold my hands. U clasped my hands tightly,smiled serenely and caressed my hair. U asked me "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?".

I mustered a tiny smile for your sake,and watched the outline of the scaly long tubes that wound across your nose. I gazed into your tired dark eyes,yet feeling the warmth that emitted from within. Once again u said "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?"

The incessant chatter in the room,the ominous tubes that hung limply and flaccidly seemed to strangle my vision. I watched my eyes follow them into a blurred white patch and then they fused into the tear droplets that trickled onto my cheek.U saw the lump welling in my throat that mirrored your own and u asked "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?"

U tenderly handed me a typed written letter,8mths overdue from its birth and asked me if I have been happy. I nodded vigorously, and yet the tears kept falling, u chuckled slightly and squeezed my hands. U said "Then why do your eyes look so sad?".

For my aunt Cheryl who is battling her cancer every min now.

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