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My Poetry

Yellow Rose.

I sat down one day and wrote a Dear John

Signed it,stamped and mailed it to me

I wrote abt the first hi,the second why

And then goodbye

I thought of how I'd leave me

And then I left u.

And from this moment I knew

My smiles were bigger

My laughs were brighter

Whenever I saw u.

If I looked stronger

If I grinned wider

It was for your point of view

should have known, yeah should have guessed

U were the doll I stared from afar

Tried as I did, jumped i did try

But never touched u.

Time came time went and I was that doll

Tried as I did jumped i did try

But never budged.

And so I knew,somehow U did too

That u would always be that sun

That shone mightily and scorched slightly

In a world of whats and ifs,

As and whens

I thought of how I would leave me

And so I left you.

For my aunt Cheryl

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