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A dish and a story

Recently I've been super addicted to this 包子(bun) that is rather common in Taiwan. It's called 雪菜包子,a bun that's made of vegetable filling aka pickled green mustard. Now what exactly is so good about this bun that's made me quite nauseous now after having had so many at one go last night? Gee,I don't really know. But it is pretty healthy because the entire bun is made from vegetable filling and a mix of some fried beancurd skin,and the steamed dough of course. I had about 4 yesterday,and they were huge. I was tempted to...Read more

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The month of love

    The month of February ...oooh love is in the air. Ah yes,the righteous people out there might say, "EVERYDAY is VALENTINE'S! And that u don't need to be like the mass commercial suckers out there,making florists and restaurants richer by being participants. Question is, do u REALLY treat your other halves as if it is Valentine's everyday? Ah,there. If u are one immaculate perfect lass/lad who does sweet and romantic things everyday and NEVER takes your other half ever for granted, Goody!!!! Here's the verdict:

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Are U worthy?

I felt a little lousy today. I mean, how good can a girl with her legs in a cast feel,except queasy and uncomfortable? However,my friends,to any of u who are depressed/feeling lousy/having your period/going to have your period/just had your period/am a guy but still gets periods like the rest of us accursed females, WELL. Here is a little yipperty-yapperty-yeah note to cheer us all up.

Don't feel that u're of little worth or that u're having a bad day all the time. Really,all of us are worth alot,and we're all wonderful ...Read more

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the ironies of life

The ironies of life.

" I will never say Never"

" I don't like judgemental people"

" I am a humble person"


" I don't know how to lie"

" It's not that I don't love u,but I just don't feel the same way anymore."

" U are a great guy,that is why U should not be with me."

" U always bear grudges.I already forgot the fact that U did that so many times in the...Read more

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The women I admire.

Capable is she who fights with courage

A warrior,beautiful as Helen

Even the bluejay sings

U are Athena,Goddess of War

From dusk till dawn

U who go,where no man treads

U who climb,race,reach

Like a stab in the dark

Like a wavering thief

In ritualistic perfect symphony

With goal,purpose and strength

Your battles were not without pain

See your knuckles,bruised they are

Evidence of your honorables

U,Lady Macbeth's envying muse...Read more

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About a mosquito

I had set out originally to write a poem for my gd friend,the beautiful and smart Jackie,but then something else caught my attention so I decided to write instead. What,that something happens to be is this vile mosquito that has been terrorizing me for the past few months. I know u're shaking your head at me laughing at my ignorance. The mosquito must have died within like days or at most many many days even if it was a soldier. BUT this mosquito is different. I suspect he kindda came back from the dead like those damn zombies in From Du...Read more

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love them if u dare

Love them if u dare

Love him the lone hobo

With his sore parched back

Love his earnest service

Cheerful shy smiles

Menial tasks or not

Janitor or not

Father once but orphaned by sons

Love his integrity.

Love her,agreeable keeper

Of her modest noodle stall

Love her bubbly greetings

Spring,summer,fall winter

Love her generous portions

Made every thread tender lovingly

Warmth in the coldest frost.

Love them,the angr...Read more

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love him if u dare part 2

Love him if u dare

Love his ignorance

Ego and blank stares

Love his hesitation,

Killjoy and distractions

Love his familiar blunders

Absence and concerns

Love his incessant debates

Over unforgotten grudges

Receding hairline and paunch

Love his straying curiosity

And transparent excuses

Love him for his lack of love

Courage and patience

Thoughtfulness and tact

Love his inconstant constancy

Clumsy antics and i...Read more

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love me if u dare 1

Love me if u dare

Love my flaws,

Tantrums and unreason

Love the acidity,

Tone and insensitivity

Love the increased lines

Weight and flabby signals

Love my weariness,haste

And absent unloving touch

Love my fears,insecurities

Shouts and petty envy

Love my contradictions

Self doubt and uncertainty

Love me for my self loving

And my inevitable self loathe

Love me for my lovingly hate

Of which love was borne forth

...Read more
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The winter of our discontent

Dance till the winter sleeps

A long lull it is before he returns

He comes dressed in a robe of snow

Shrouding leaves,and the bed of sky

Wielding a scepter of thunder bolts

As the still shy sun whimpers in pity

I stir.

Morning and a darkening of sky beckons

Is it night or day or an Alaskan gray

Where the harbinger of night

Gallops to ever green blithe spirit

The dark knight vanishes in defeat

No storm nor awakening frost shakes

...Read more

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