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When the world becomes deafeningly loud,i switch off and spiral into a neverending story,into the crevices of trepidation,into an abyss of apprehension. I think I am in touch with u,my doppelganger,u who told me not to listen,not to heed,not to analyse. U are a ball of absolute infinites,u r manipulating my whirl of confusion to beguile me. U who made me self aware and yet lost me into an oblivion. U make me more tragic than Hamlet's soliloquy,U who turn my pages yellow and turn them back again and again until I no longer understand the differences between what is ethereal and real.I search for an answer while weighing the might of your influence upon my soul. U r a theiving nemesis that comes in the guise of me. Stop talking to me mind,and let me sleep. Even one minute of peace can nourish my hungry soul.Let me float like a cloud that shrouds the past and passes the present. I will see u in the future as a dream.

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