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U is hot,I is liking

I find it funny as hell when people say so many things which U know are typical and cheesy. Now guys,when u want to start an interesting or witty conversation,make sure u can keep it going,and not start a car with its engine raring to life for a brief second before it dies again.

What the hell do I mean by that?

U wonder why I have been slightly more profane lately,yes? I wonder myself too,probably it's the unscrīpted text that I never show when I am with another walking,talking,breathing,human being. So appreciate my...Read more

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i love gaps of silences in between music.

i love stepping into a foreign country right out of the plane.

i love smelling the aromas of freshly baked brownies.

i love independent films made with such precision even if they were obviously low budgeted.

i love hosting dinner parties.

i love discussing thematic symbols of plays,musicals and films/books/scrīpts/art.

i love reading philosophy.

i love macadaemia nuts.

i love walking on the beach.

i love going up to mountainous re...Read more

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a prayer to God

Dear God

I have been feeling out of sorts lately,sick as usual and very vulnerable. I think I try very hard to recover from my depressive ways but I am too often too tempted to fall into the trap of my own emotional abyss. I hate wallowing and grovelling in melancholy and yet I am my worse nemesis. The me, I stare in the mirror is a reflection of the me I despise. I am Public Enemy no.1 and desperately in need of anger management. I don't see myself getting angry much but I implode and explode all over alone at home. I stare at th...Read more

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missing mum: via facebook

I miss u mum.

This time round I could not stay for long,but u actually took a day off to make chicken rice for me. It was your first attempt but wow,it was exactly how I loved it. And u took all the meat apart,so I didn't have to deal with the bones. U knew I love breast meat because I'm the sort that hates gnawing on bones and then U wedged all the bones apart and removed them. U're so sweet ma. And u also helped me prepare so much chillies because U know I'm such a spice fanatic.

Mum,I'm sorry ...Read more

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Moderates vs Extrenes

I am extreme,and excessive,in fact I'm extremely excessive. Pardon the pun honey but I TOTALLY had to do it. I guess most people would say,"be in moderation" about everything,from food to erm being of temperate natures.Mostly I feel like defending the edge of my extremes and excessiveness by screaming out loud at the mofos who preach that. So,would U like to be loved in "moderation" and also be told U're only "moderately" beautiful and that U are going to be "moderately" successful for the...Read more

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So,I'm just about the world's worst Mac user. Words like "retard","fool" and "dumbass" are flashing across my head as we speak. Someday I shall be the master of this computer,for now,I am looking at it with fondness and fear,at every second waiting for it to start speaking in a human voice bellowing at me. For being stupid. I know I know,learn how to use the Mac and I will love it. Keywords: attempting to!

I am cracking my head with trying to deal with some work and to clear my stuff from the boxes. Sti...Read more

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The Stars


I am getting a hammock for my balcony. And I'll read there,and fall asleep under the stars. I'm also lighting the place with little candles, and because there's a little room right on the balcony,like an attic,I'll keep it as a storage room for little dinner parties.

Ok,maybe it's more of a rooftop than an extended balcony,or both.

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Here's Looking At U kid.

    I woke up with a smile this morning. Although it was cold, I scrambled out of bed and ran outside onto my huge balcony (which is essentially rather old sch, and can hold many future parties and bbqs to come) and breathed a breath of fresh air. I'll make myself happy everyday by doing everything with twice the optimism and energy,that way I won't be depressed nor be pulled downwards by unnecessary negativity! Immediately when I said that outloud,it began to drizzle and rain! Nevermind,I take it as showers of agreemen...Read more

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I told D I was quite ready to start working out and go to the gym again, he looked at me doubtfully and said I should rest somemore. But at the rate I am going I'd be writing 2000 facebook entries a day,and probably go nuts still trying to do up the new place everyday. I need to prepare for some things coming up, if I keep letting myself go,I feel weird lazy and very fat. It doesn't help at this point to add more problems! I need a new workout regime,I need to really shape up.

Working out helps sometimes to make me feel better. ...Read more

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In Trying Moments

I was crying one day because I met with an unpleasant incident over here and I called this dear friend of mine in Shanghai. He is one of those friends I have had whom I hardly see in a long time but I keep dear to my heart. This friend, is somebody who has such a pure heart and I feel everytime I talk to him,it was as though the distance never mattered. His younger bro is as diff from him as day is to night and I love them both. I think if U guys are reading this,U know who U are. I just wanted to say U are in my thoughts and sometimes I wo...Read more

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