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Oh dear. Apologies.

My first read from Haruki Murakami was Sputnik Sweetheart. This was after I had browsed Murakami in stores out of curiousity previously and a friend told me how he was such a fan. I thought his style was very laid back,morose even but nice in a bitter sweet way. Norwegian Wood hit me with a greater impact however because while I read it,I found myself gett...Read more

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My song. (and a confession not for the faint hearted)


Crying over split milk is overrated, because while I did cry, the milk had been spilt and still nothing could have been done. Hence whinning would not have solved the problem. However I decided to whine into my songs. This song was written 4 years ago for my best friend,who betrayed me and caused me to lose my recording contract. Yes she did it the worst possible way. Downright low,downright dirty. Used my weak soft spots,and manipulated the other parties with lust,rumours and greed.Thanks to he...Read more

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My poetry/prose Murder

I murdered the skies when I painted it blood

I murdered blood when I drained it clear

I murdered clear with  blurry sight

I murdered sight with treacherous denial



What is murder in its distinctive form

What is form in mishappened chaos

What are chaos in controversy

What is controversy in truth and lies

For the liar sees truth in lies

And lies are truths in chaos


One.Can u hear the tick tock?

Time is an accessory to m...Read more

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My poetry/prose

Wednesday's soliloquy.


Dear Wednesday falls in love with trepidation


Memories dissisipate

Nostlagia overflows into an upward trajectory

Fly then without wings,perilous flight


Like in waking I grovel dream

Masked,my shield,my cape

Red red red

And in dreaming I bleat,

Composed a sacrificial lamb


Night is day and days are bought

By the unsuspecting oracle

Tuesday met her tragedy

...Read more
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My poetry/prose



What tears are these?

They sear,sting and stain

Like that stigma,that scar

Was it that damned spot

"Out I say" that plucked

Lady Macbeth's courage

Until a little tick,a booming roar

Scraped at my own heart's slate

Beckoned me to retreat,to turn

Wayward into that manger of ire


Or was it wrath no more when

Anger has taught me naught

Sorrow has taught me naught

That tolerance denotes a wise...Read more

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My poetry/prose Thisbe

There are days when she felt the familiar monster rearing its heads, creeping into spectrum. She felt the flames of her roaring nerves springing like a fire breathing dragon into action. Incensed. Irate.Fiery. She thought she saw the horns appearing surreptitiously in a slow, deliberate way. Stealthily when she had not been looking,such that the moment a motive,a thought gave her ample reason,she fell subconsciously booby trapped. There was enough trigger to set ten volcanoes on fire.She felt the comprehension of a bull seeing red burs...Read more

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My poetry/prose


I wrote this for a good friend a while back. One day when I was feeling down and very sulky,he started saying the darnest things and that brought a smile to my face.So I decided to write him something in return.



The Moon Song


I set out to draw the sun,

But found the moon u brought

Still i tried to touch its flames

But felt the cloud u cast

I say, "hey u stranger,u

wadya think u're doin u?

Give me the sun,my light

And stop s...Read more

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I Can't Believe This? Someone tried to blackmail mum.

I can't believe it.

My mum made about 7 missed calls to my phone. And I still didn't pick it up because I put my phone on silent when I was running errands just now.

Someone actually had the nerve to call my Mum in Singapore and tried to extort money from her saying I'd been kidnapped? The last hour everyone has been asking me if I have been alright? Ok,I'm still confused. Anyways, u guys know I'm kidnapped if I don't appear for the next few days. Just kidding, ...Read more

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My poetry/prose

On a summer day sometime ago, she took her carefree spirit from little skips,to leaps and bounds across the uneven paved sidewalk. She counted those rickety-edgy steps treading onto one but hopping like an easter bunny on the other. Life was like that, a myriad of sloppy uneveness. 'Or a box of chocolates, you never know what u're gonna get', her eyes twinkled merrily as the face of Forrest Gump flashed into memory.

Or sometimes you did know.

She had almost forgotten about him and the shadows that he had cast in he...Read more

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My poetry/prose

She furrowed her brows thoughtfully in a slight frown as the incessant chatter around her morphed into a grandiose fireball. She thought she felt a silent explosion occur while she marginalized the boisterous crowd into floating ions scattered into the universe. Those figure heads transformed into tiny cottonballs,insignificantly existing while she purposefully alienated herself into her private dimension. Someone waved to her,another waltzed by and tapped her cheekily on her arm,and another raised a glass in solemn toast to her,and another,a...Read more

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