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Kiss the rain.

I had a shoot earlier on but it got cancelled because of the rain. So I decided to head home first before I got out later to put down my stuff and all. Halfway while walking back home, I realized my umbrella wasn't really helping because I loved/love carrying bigass bags that make me resemble a friendly ninja turtle, so I was getting a little wet here and there. I don't know what possessed me to do what I did next,but I just completely trashed the umbrella and just stood in the pouring rain. I don't know, I just felt free.:) I just...Read more

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for ma--sometime ago.


Wrote this for my mum on facebook sometime back. Yeah well,miss her again.:) Thought I would share it with u guys.




I miss u mum.

This time round I could not stay for long,but u actually took a day off to make chicken rice for me. It was your first attempt but wow,it was exactly how I loved it. And u took all the meat apart,so I didn't have to deal with the bones. U knew I love breast meat because I'm the sort that hates gnawing on bones and then U wedged all the bones apart...Read more

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Ordeal ahead

*Wow. I have a million things to do. After slacking off on my exercise regime,I've got to get back on track. I have to undo the repurcussions of those to die for egg tarts. Imagine I had 5 at one go last night just because I was so super greedy. And then the worst thing is I am such an unhealthy person.I look thin ,U may argue,but who eats and sleeps right after a super full meal plus 5 whole egg tarts. Darn,those from Lyndhurst were so good,I almost cried. Haha. I am not even an egg tart fan, how did that happen? I already am thinking of th...Read more

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Wow! A happy ending to this

The guy I helped 2 days ago arrived safely in Bangkok and has sent me a mail assuring me that he was alright. He also added me to facebook and told me how he really was before he got into trouble. He was a proud owner of a 300 crowd heavy music pub on a booming weekend. Where previously he bought the pub,there were only a few people inside. So these pictures of him beaming and these friends saying all these things definitely added to my surprise factor. I had not thought he was lying when he told me some of these when I first met ...Read more

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My thoughts after your song Anton.


Inspired by Anton Wong's awesome track: Lovesong, I decided to write something.

" .....are u having fun? would u be so gentle, so everything's less painful?"

What is pain to u? Do u know what pain is? Of course u do,we all do. Even a 5 yr old knows. Just watch him trip over his rubber ducky and hit the sides of his Little Tikes toy motor/car/cycle and u'll hear a continued trail of pure, sheer expression of torture. Of wailing, or howling of screeching. Trust me u and I have d...Read more

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An event and moment of truth

Did someone a favour last night. He was a stranger. He looked sick so I asked him to get ointment,turned out he was bitten by huge red ants while reading in Victoria Park.He said he had used up his money,so I said it's cool, I'll pay. I found out later that he was English,had been travelling an entire year and was slightly depressed because his wife had been found sleeping with his best friend. I felt so bad for the guy. He was sick,feeling lousy,it could have been a reaction from those massive bites from the ants. I boug...Read more

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My poetry/prose THISBE


She smiled,almost as if she had a secret. Like Pandora's box,she held the key to untold legends. 160. He had smugly handed her the papers, like a proud father of a newborn.160. One hundred plus sixty.That was the sum of two eighties; four forties; eight twenties? These numbers, they were digits,random digits. She drew a light gasp from him as he watched her tenderly holding the papers he handed her. Then in that fraction of a second,a flash came over her. It was almost as if lightning had struck her. She felt a s...Read more

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My poetry/prose

Thisbe (I)

She twirled a wisp of her jet black locks, in deep thought, a copious amount of events engaged her already busied mind. Yet as if in listless indifference,she studied the little monogram squares embodying the caricature of a handbag slung smugly across the other woman's shoulder. At the same time her whimsical multitasking skills took a life on their own and carried her onto a9nother point of attention. The circles, always the circles. She wound her deep set eyes thoughtfully onto the ball of her feet,shifting and shuff...Read more

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One night in LKF! Sugar/Racks




The following excerpt was a true reflection of an amourous conversation that took place during the weekend. One night in LKF.

The Cast: Eric, Oliver,Boon, Lydia


Hunk 1: So,when will u drop by the office? Let us know,we will stick around!

The Platypus: Muahahhahahhaah evil glint I have a plan,to come and surprise u guys! One day next week.Ha. Don't worry,I come in love and peace with mighty,delicious,heartstopping Chris Patten-lo...Read more

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My poetry/prose

"Dear God,please make me a bird,so I can fly far far away..." she replays this heartwrenching line Jenny,played by Robin Wright, who whimpers repetitively throughout in her mind like an unholy anthem.

She had told him before that she was alot of issues and more.She wasn't bent on being the jaded cynic, her smiles were aplenty and genuine but she had this inevitable,unavoidable lump of foreboding doom in her throat. It trailed her all the way past her eosophagus down to the pitts of her stomach,compressed to an irrevocabl...Read more

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