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tonight's performance

Tonight I performed in a closed door event at Nei Hu. It was quite crazy because I'm on crutches now and I was not sure if I was able to do a good job. My legs were/are swollen,when I stepped on the pedal it was rather painful. But God was kind. I managed to survive.

It was in Nei Hu,and among the audience was Yang Fan, whom I met for the first time. He's a veteran host for variety shows in Taiwan and U may have seen him getting awards for his outstanding abilities to host. Also in the audience was this award winning...Read more

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For U.

I'm a lucky girl. I've a fantastic brother and I mean fantastic with a capital "F". My brother is a really nice guy and he's always so concerned and caring that it leaves me with only dumbfoundedness. This is ironic because when we were young we were always fighting like there was no tomorrow. But come tomorrow we fought again until there never was yesterday.Get it? We just fought mightily,bloodily,and madly. I would like to explain that since my brother never considered me a girl to begin with,inflicting me with his death shock ...Read more

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My poetry/prose Patrick Chow goes Shopping

P Chow goes Shoppin.


Paddy Chow checks his fridge

Furrowed eyebrows to a bridge

What should I eat for me dinner?

Somethin savvy but not a sinner

Hang on honey,here's the plan

I'd write me items,let's say ten!"


One one here's a bun

Two tomatoes to the fun

Three eggs a benedict

Hollandaise's the verdict

Four raisins and somemore

Maybe five to the core


Six,pattie...Read more

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for 3rd aunt

Dear 3rd aunt,


Love u.



PS. sorry didn't get to say goodbye. i know u can read this. pls know that i've done what u asked for your final wish.i just didn't have time to tell u personally before u left. did u already know this that's why?



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Ow ow ow

Early on this year I got into a car accident and it resulted in my right leg being really injured and I had to go on crutches for a while. In fact I was so reliant on Mdm left good leg that I did the unfathomable silly of sillies by tripping and spraining my ankle on the good left leg. That day all the heavens must have opened and the earth must have had stirred till it was motionless because I had roared so greatly in such dramatic angst I'd have put the entire cast of Days of Our Lives in shame. I was the legendary soap opera.

I would ...Read more

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For Thisbe and Pyramus


KISMET is.........















this is kismet.


  • when i was a little girl,i saw a play called Kismet. Kismet means "fate",

destiny" or something "meant to be". it's everything and yet hard to explai...Read more

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From the teddy bear killers.

Retard #3 sings a soliloquy

Not one,two but number three

Never a fiercely guarded winner

Nor an amiable substitute

I'm just no.3, mine and free.

They frown with fear to their fights

Claiming 1,2 as their rights

What am I, but mine and free?

I'm a retard only,number 3.


Simplicity is my name

To each his own to their game

I kid myself,laugh and jeer

Falling down,up to cheer

Teddy bears and mr Bean

Being f...Read more

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My date with Kaohsiung!

Read more

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A new song,for kung fu lovers,guest featuring me.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/kiXWtIGBKTo&hl=en

This song I was guest featured in is quite interesting. It's about sword fighting and the concept is called Love Manual. It captures a duel between 2 enemies who also happened to be lovers. Yes,typical movie plot for swordfighting dramas! Hehe I'm the girl.

Vocals: Dave Fu

Guest vocals: Lydia Kuan

Dave Fu  has taken leading roles in musicals a...Read more

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My poetry/prose For the drought victims.

Blue blue blurry skies pour

Hide the clouds with wet display

A drop,a splash, kisses on my face

Rain that falls true and raw

Tastes me,tastes once again

Rain springs, solace that remains.


Would u transcend pain to livery?

Misery of floods into clear plains

Even as blood spills and sing sins

Would u heal,hold and cast away

The angry might of your wide domain

Rain then in sweet regain.


I send a thought,a w...Read more

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