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Bass Brownies and Beastly Behaviours

I love Escape Club's I'll Be There. It's one of those songs that brings back so many memories. It has a sad edge to it,since the song was written for the death of a friend.I love songs with a gd bass,like With Or Without U,in fact I love the sound of a gd bass so much I'd turn everything down to listen to the bass. It has this way of making a song sound complete,and when I listen to music without a gd sound system or the bass is out or at karaoke when there's too much bass or no bass,I er.. go nuts.I would look mortified,horrified,petrified and stupefied.

Probably any musical person would tell u abt their quirks. I hate listening to files pple send me on a laptop without speakers or gd sound blasters, or i totally TOTALLY detest it when pple listen to my work on a laptop without sound blasters or speakers.I tell u what it feels like,it is like going home on a hot summer day to enjoy that wonderful slice of brownie with yr fav vanilla icecream, sprinkled with almond flakes all over and realising in a heartbeat that there was only half a brownie left in the refrigerator because yr pal Jane decided to try for your sake if the brownie was poisoned. So now u're left, a poor wretch, with too much icecream and too little brownie and yet u can't say exactly that she deserved the death row because she did leave u half. Instead, u stand there with your quivering lip and dilated irises as u consider over and over if u should perhaps make your sad feet out to the same notable brownie store FAR FAR from home, with that familiar queue that hardly moves for the sake of yr insatiable appetite. And u actually mull over this for a good 9 min before U pummel yr head with your clenched fists and attempt one of those hair pulling sessions where in later periods u will look back on this with much regret. And u even wonder why pple go bald.

In a nutshell, love the bass,love the songs and yes,ultimately I am the sort that will still work my pathetic torso out of my doorway before I get to the store and concede to my human gluttonly desires. I find it almost affectionate when pple shake their heads at me, throw back their blond heads and shriek that I am anal.Well, I am. And a non dessert fan like me will only go this length for an experience because I simply cannot say no to a dessert like brownies with icecream and it HAS to be well proportioned! Hence,a gd song is deserving of the same treatment because of all the details and efforts, sweat and grime invested to allow the audience for a sensory experience. U get brownie points therefore for recognising that.:)

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