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My poetry

The Time Server

U said,my dreams were yours

Sorrow left its grasp ago

And so like an angel glided

Wings I saw now discarded

The heartfelt embrace imprinted

Fingernails and strangled clasps.

"Witch!"screamed them

And cry U did, heaving

Your muffled bitter curses

Was it then U heard me

My worthless gutless breathing

I,the regal cream faced loon

I could draw my swords

Split them at your chest then

Demanding soul,truce,integrity

"Fraility,thy name is woman"

Like Lucy in Dracula,I danced

And perished at my own peril

Four years later,none the great

Did the girlish banter never exist

U,the U i knew and yet did not

Kissed u,my best friend,venom

You breathed, a loving serpent.

I choked,died and lie awake

Sleep the innocent nemesis

I see u,heard u rob again

Like Gatsby in his wistful dream

I saw u in waking and dreaming

Sleep has bade me farewell

Lady Macbeth to the stairwell.

And yet,this unholy fairytale

Fed my starving broken nature

Lessons of faith,trust and love

Bitter vengeance,a luxurious myth

I loved u once,u hated twice

I thank u still, for that price.

For the girl who taught me anger and hate, I still miss dearly.

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