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A poem and a story.

Yellow Rose.

I sat down one day and wrote a Dear John

Signed it,stamped and mailed it to me

I wrote abt the first hi,the second why

And then goodbye

I thought of how I'd leave me

And then I left u.

And from this moment I knew

My smiles were bigger

My laughs were brighter

Whenever I saw u.

If I looked stronger

If I grinned wider

It was for your point of view

should have known, yeah should have guessed

U were the doll ...Read more

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My poetry

Dance of the merry


A smile is not only a mile

Like minds and kindred spirits

Reward one the other

The amourous selfsame anthem

A universal song

Individual yet similiar


Will u laugh with me?

Whirl and twirl a delicious folly

Discard their jaded ire

A beaver dreams a sleeplesss otter

Shakespeare is in love

Dance my love dance

A child's eyes doth birth a spark.



For Pee,the poem I prom...Read more

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My poetry


Love Me If U Dare


Love me if u dare

Love my flaws,

Tantrums and unreason

Love the acidity,

Tone and insensitivity

Love the increased lines

Weight and flabby signals

Love my weariness,haste

And absent unloving touch

Love my fears,insecurities

Shouts and petty envy

Love my contradictions

Self doubt and uncertainty

Love me for my self loving

And my inevitable self loathe

Love me for my lovingly hate

<...Read more
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My poetry/prose


When i saw u yesterday and u lunged forward to hug me,i crept timidly and let u hold my hands. U clasped my hands tightly,smiled serenely and caressed my hair. U asked me "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?".

I mustered a tiny smile for your sake,and watched the outline of the scaly long tubes that wound across your nose. I gazed into your tired dark eyes,yet feeling the warmth that emitted from within. Once again u said "Hey why do your eyes look so sad?"

The incessant chatter in the room,t...Read more

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My poetry


I kissed u in the still of the dark,pitch black.

My eyes dilated,the image of u clearly imprinted

Embedded into my memory bank

Your hands were huge,and flushing red

As I felt the colour blot into my eagle vision

Cajoling me with their warmth,life giving source.

I blinked.

I said nothing nor did u

While our eyes locked intensely and

Silence became a boisterous uproar

I suddenly found myself half elevated

While U effortlessly lifted me off the groun...Read more

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My poetry/Prose

The Time Server

U said,my dreams were yours

Sorrow left its grasp ago

And so like an angel glided

Wings I saw now discarded

The heartfelt embrace imprinted

Fingernails and strangled clasps.

"Witch!"screamed them

And cry U did, heaving

Your muffled bitter curses

Was it then U heard me

My worthless gutless breathing

I,the regal cream faced loon

I could draw my swords

Split them at your chest then

Demanding soul,truc...Read more

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My poetry.



Alone in the dark i wrote

Notes that said naught

About life and a cup

Half full I say,

Of sacrilegious poison


Murder she wrote,

Treason confounds me.

Do it Do it Do it

The voices rage,the die cast

I am your bleating lamb

Yesterday,today and nevermore.

Fear is a faithless tool

For the weary,heavyhearted

A toast to your worthless legacy

They fill my blood with a chalice

And cry Seraf...Read more

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2 things happened recently and I thought it was amusing so yes,to share.

Had a quick chat with this director who wanted to see me and before we had our meeting,he was engaged in a conversation with one of the entertainment reporters. So,after a brief introduction was made,the reporter raises some intriguing,well,more like brow raising questions that sent me into a minor cardiac arrest. I in my normal honest self,decided to blurt honesty as usual.

Reporter: U are quite the girl among girls.

Me: I am Waaad?

Reporter: ...Read more

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Small or Small?

Someone once said,there are no small roles,only small actors. How apt. In the life we live in,every one of us play a character, do u think u are one with a small role,that no one cares about? Or are u one who is a small actor?

'The world is a stage.'

I know every one of us has our own fears,insecurities and selfish anal traits. We may not like others to know the "real" badass us and we choose to exhibit the nice,polished exterior to them so as to fit into this huge unit,called society.

When I was youn...Read more

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A thought,and another and another

I've been blessed so much lately that I have been really really thankful. The people around me have gone out of their way to make me feel so lucky and fortunate to be alive. Where once I thought death was artistic,melancholy was the way to go because I liked being individualistic and less of the overrated "ditsy" frenzy going around, suddenly I'm awakened by the idea that I really didn't like that kind of life. Negativity that is. It is not cool,not suede and not awesome. Sure,now I'm not going to s...Read more

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