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Falling and getting up


When I was in primary school I used to be healthy,really healthy and I jumped ard like a mad nut. I used to be this hyperactive unstoppable energy and I was curious about the world. When I reached secondary school, I started feeling sick during Physical Education lessons. I don't know why but I started having fainting spells. When I was in Junior College,I was sent in an ambulance to the hospital at least 4 times. I joked with my friend then that I travelled in an ambulance so often I felt I was way cooler than everyone e...Read more

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I had this extremely spicy hotpot going on for dinner last night and I am now in the middle of reviving my totured tongue. Apparently it melted with the chilli,the heat and spice and Im tongue tied, no,tongue-less now. No more tongue in cheek retorts till I revive myself!

Also,I have moved from a nice 2 no-privacy noisy apartment along the central of all the shopping districts in Taipei to my new early retirement village where I have to climb 5 flights of stairs before I hyperventilate and die along the way. It's a new  old place...Read more

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The Humdrum

The weather is slightly cooler today,and I have woken from 2mths of depression. It's ironic how pple assume that U're depressed either because A. U've had a broken relationship B. your career is going nowhere C. U're mulling over something really really mysterious and they just cannot guess what.

WELL. Depression is not exactly an event or a mood gone bad. That would mean I'm on a normal day going through what a normal person feels,which may be up or down. I've had manic depression for a few yrs and sometimes I jus...Read more

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I miss California and LA. I miss my walks in The Grove where the live bands played and a little bridge there I liked to stand. I miss walking in to check out my fav Victoria Secret's collection or succumbing to yet another nice fragrance from Bath and Bodyworks. I miss my cheesecakes from cheesecake factory and my eternally huge Salmon salad there,and I miss going to Ralph's for huge apples and a thousand brands of cereals to choose from and also Krispy Kremes.

I miss the giant siew mais they have in Empress Pavillion and how we had ...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Oct 30

i guess....

i've been depressed of late.I have been trying to rid myself of the negative energy,but I realised it is overwhelming. I feel myself spiraling downwards and like a moth to a flame,i feel my soul being hollow sucked into a never ending abyss.

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The classic IDIOT.class personified.

It really annoys me when pple wish me Happy Birthday on my Birthday and I tell them, " Thanks,and happy birthday to u 2" in a reflex action as tho I was wishing them "merry christmas". And they'd look at me wide-eyed in a weird way like I had 3 heads and tell me plaintively that their birthdays were not in another 10 mths or so.


I hate myself when I keep getting into scrapes and never learn from them. A classic example was yesterday when I hopped merrily into my friend's ca...Read more

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2 friends and I were in a car going for lunch one day and an interesting conversation took place. Our friend Rick was driving,and me,disgruntled and hungry was sitting listlessly in the passenger seat and a bored D sat at the back of car clamoring to listen to some music. The stereo was faulty and Rick uttered helplessly about it being a hassle getting the repairs done.

D: noisy,boisterously

"Bored..man,am I bored. When there ain't music in a car,feels like something is missing.Arrgggh,grrrrrrrr..gaaaaaaa"

<...Read more
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Tales of an impatient mule

I realise how impatient I am as a person when I was walking normally yesterday and wondered why my friends were so far behind me. They asked me politely and very sacarstically if I was perhaps on my way to my rebirth or if there was a winning lottery ticket about to expire in a few min. I also wondered lately why pple ard me seemed to not move quicker and are constantly waiting ard for nothing. That was when I realised that I had been sprinting,not walking and constantly feeling as if I had a million things left undone.

If ...Read more

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For Min

I appreciate some friends with an awe,simply because as time goes by,they become like cherished bottles of fine wines. Sometimes when u first meet them,u have no idea yrs later, you would be evaluating them like this with a wry smile on yr face as u remember the earlier episodes of how u both met.

Min,u used to sit behind me in secondary sch,and faithfully kick my chair and annoy me literally to death day in and day out. It was fascinating how u could do this regularly without fail,to a religious fervent degree. And yes, u get top prize for y...Read more

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For My bro

U know,the one person that I first learnt to use the word "hate" on turned out to be the closest person to me in this world. Ironic?Definitely. Everytime I got into trouble, his sarcasm and lack of tact never helped the situation. It made me sink lower and lower and then I told myself someday I would laugh, no,snarl in his face and laud to him how I had survived him and became such a roaring success despite his initial curses since I was born.I had "hated" him then.

My brother was one guy u'd never know was my broth...Read more

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