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    Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 12:14AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Haven't had to time to blog the past several weeks cuz of multiple projects that just seemed to all happen at the same time!  When it rains it pours!  Its definitely been fun, but also a lot of work to try to finish everything on time!  In fact, there are several blogs that I need to find time to post up!

    But I'm back on the blog now with some fun stuff to show!

    The most recent stuff I've been working on with the boys are developing and shooting 2 MUSIC VIDEOS for RYAN HUI, as he just finished his album and will be releasing it next month.

    So his team needed a couple of videos for his two new singles, TRANSFORMERS and MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

    We decided to shoot them each back-to-back on two days (in fact, we just wrapped today!)


    First up was the single, "Transformers", and its about singers having to conform and transform themselves into an image that they are not.  Record labels are notorious for this, and this is especially true in Hong Kong.

    We shot all the way up in Tai Po, on the only abandoned street in NT!

    One of our main props was a bed, which we had to put together on-set.

    Ryan Fan signs.....check!

    Its not the size that counts.....

    Rob putting in that elbow grease!

    Decisions, decisions.......


    Simon was director on this one....

    .... and I manned the camera.

    Of course, Ryan wanted in on the action....

    ... but I politely told him to go listen to Simon!

    Also, Simon had a very "different" approach to directing......

    ... he wanted you to make him "feel it in his loins and channel your inner tiger!"

    Hair and makeup is always important.

    And of course we had to choose THE HOTTEST DAY to shoot OUTSIDE.  I think I lost 20 pounds!

    All in all, it was a very successful first day and we pulled off a very complicated shot that required precise timing as it was all done in one shot!


    So with a good night's rest, it was onto day 2!

    This time it was ROB who was front and center, playing a person who doesn't fit in and is just looking for that special someone that he can relate too.  Oh, and he's also in a big Cat Costume!

    As opposed to the first MV, which was all shot in ONE location, this video was shot in multiple locations:  Mongkok, Shatin, Tai Po.

    Rob's character was looking for his soul mate and Ryan was sort of a guardian angel looking over him.

    Scottie giving some "brotherly" support....

    When he does chance upon his soul mate, its none other than a MOUSE, played by the lovely Jane.

    Overall, it was a very fun and creative experience!  I love working on Music Videos because they are short and sweet and leave a lot of room to really be creative.  These were no exceptions!


     the Brothers Hui (Scottie and Ryan) for letting us work together!

    Mr. Ass AKA Patrick Cheung!

    the hard working team of HAIR, MAKE-UP, EXTRAS and DANCERS!

    my boys, CB FRESH!

    Keep an eye out for the videos, they will be released soon!

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