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Kinki looking cute wearing G-TOX Cat Tee

So much fun, great feeling!

New Music for the NEW G-TOX Showreel.....Coming Soon!

Interior Designer wearing G-TOX during TVB.com interview

Have been MIA for a while because I have been totally overwhelmed with work the last few months! Got loadsa things to post when I get round to it, but here's a quick one to get things started!

Something not so G-TOX extreme, a Hong Kong Interior Designer with good taste ;) Just been passed this link for TVB.com by a friend, so if you don't mind the TV commercials, check it out:

Its a programme in J2 called "Own Sweet Home", the last episode featured an interior designe...Read more

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Thanks METRO, always happy to support in anyway we can :)


bunch of awesome guys with great passion! Congrats on getting signed by SONY, looking forward to the new album and more great things to come! Glad to be able to support with G-TOX ;) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebf5rjT5Mpc&feature=player_embedded

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G-TOX x alivenotdead.com 70pcs Limited Edition Tee

G-TOX is proud to announce the launch of our first design collaboration with alivenotdead.com, The very special and highly exclusive 70pcs limited edition tee features the alivenotdead logo and flame integrated with G-TOX's characteristic dragon logo and tattoo style artwork, plus a thought provoking statement from the G-TOX Philosophy:

"LIVE & DIE" -  "The Day We Stop Learning is The Day We Die" Read more

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G-TOX Taiwan Interview - TT News

G-TOX Interview - TAIWAN - TT NEWS - by Sammi Lee

時尚玩味戀香港/在地潮牌G-TOX概念店 發揮極限更實現夢想



從小在國外長大的李老闆有著自身源源不斷的創意,他說他常常用許多激勵的話語鼓勵自己,因此在 他設計的T-shirt上頭都有許多文字,不僅是設計,更能鼓舞人心。(攝影/李傳溎)


台中市   香港這個匯集世界各地名牌的地方,更因為透過國際文化資訊的撞擊,現在到香港還能發現許多在地潮 牌,運用自己的創意與堅持,讓當地設計師多了實現夢想的機會,2006年創立的G-TOX概念店,努力在自己的極限領域裡,運用了中國及西方元素的融合, 變化出一個相當國際化的潮牌印象。

...Read more
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Life is about find Meaning! Without Meaning it is just another passing existence! To find Meaning we have to continually strive to Learn, the day we stop Learni

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