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Monk of the Iron Matrimony "...Make someone happy Make just one someone happy And you will be happy too." So grateful to share in this production for a couple so much in love.  I am in awe just watching them renew their dedication to each other and be a part of this renewal.

and as the couple exits together through the Moon Gate cue music in my head.... "...Let 'em say we're crazy, I don't care about that

Put your hand in my hand baby don't ever look back

Let the world around us just fall apart

Baby we ca...Read more

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Love is in the air...

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Today I married...

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if one looks forward to a Happy New Year, one overlooks the Happy New Second...the Dalia Wu... Happy New Second!

Time is Perpetual... be the Now you want Tomorrow...

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Today's winning numbers are.... But BMI says I'm obese...

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The future as the Pig sees it...

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Karl, Joseph, Frederick, and Vlad don't hang here anymore PART 2...because 致富光荣... so into the closet boys... Now it's the hangout of Gianni, Adele, Tiger, Roberto and Donald....DONALD!

Exhibitions in the early 80's and today in China. Photos by Wu

Don't you love HK Xmas Ads for condoms

Agility and Mobility...all that's remains is the Passion...

Thrown way back Thursday. This used to be a plastic factory during the early days of the People's Republic. But it's legacy goes back to 247 AD where it was built by the Wu Kingdom. Relocated here in 1216 and renovated it's back to the basics of Budhism... And like this place, I also have the look of a relic...

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The secret's out...



Hong Kong
June 23, 2008

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