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The Macau Premiere of "From Vegas to Macau" 24 Jan 14

The Venetian Hotel and Casino was the site and sponsor for the Macau premiere of: on hand wereRead more

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From Vegas to Macau Opens 30 Jan 2014

Video: http://youtu.be/ZYDOk0za4gkVideo: http://youtu.be/RElBL36_fPY

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Preview of Hafen der Düfte

Video: http://youtu.be/RFuNlL9fQjY

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Hafen der Düfte premieres 7th Dec 13 on Das Erste!

Hafen der Düfte

Veronica Ferres, Herbert Knaup and Russell Wong are the stars of  Hafen der Dufte which premieres on the 7th of December on Das Erste.Gang Tung, the trusted keeper of other people's goodsHafen der Dufte is a made for (German) tv movie.  Synopsis:Hong Kong, 2012. It has been 15 years since the former British crown colony was returned to China. The Jubilee Haiman-Sammlung is a c...Read more

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It's not gambling when you play both sides.

Playing both sides is usually called arbitrage or hedging.  For an actor it's versatility. Kill and be killed!  I am blessed to have that opportunity this year.  To take on the House and to be the House. And with it, another world premiere (I wonder at times if I am overusing the phrase "world premiere", but it's true again)....."The White Storm" a feature by Benny Chan Muk-Shing will open the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival on 25th Oct at the Star Hall.   Read more

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The Far Flung Star, Now @ Vimeo on Demand@!

https://vimeo.com/ondemand/farflungstar“a Visually-stunning gem, a NORTH BY NORTHWEST for the digital age. This caper film doesn't let you rest for a second.” (Richard Uhlig)“I couldn't stop laughing at the situations and banter between the characters.” (William...Read more

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World Premiere of "the Far Flung Star" at Raindance 2013 on 30th September

I am blessed this month.  Not only did I survive Super Taiphoon Usagi, but two feature films that I am involved in have and will World Premiere.  Having world premiered in Hong Kong with "Something Good" being selected by the Hong Kong International Film Festival as its opening feature for Cine Italiano, the spot light now moves to London (thrilled to play London!) and the Vue at Piccadilly for the world premiere of "the Far Flung Star" as an official sel...Read more

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World Premiere of "Something Good" sells out both screenings!

Director and lead actor Luca Barbareschi and lead actress Zhang Jingchu. (Photo courtesy of the Hong Kong International Film Festival)"Something Good" was the opening feature for Cine Italiano co-presented by the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Instituto Italiano Di Cultura.Read more

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Human Evolutionism 3000 a short for Hong Kong's first special effects make-up exhibition which will be held next month.

3000 Human Evolutionism-a short film directed by Boris Burgesshttp://youtu.be/nxPBLolOvVc

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The World Premiere of Something Good to open Cine Italiano!

Cine Italiano co-presented by the Instituto Italiano Di Cultura and the Hong Kong International Film Festival will world premiere "Something Good" a film by Luca Barbareschi. http://www.cine-italiano.hk/prog/prog01.mp4

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