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The Macau Premiere of "From Vegas to Macau" 24 Jan 14

The Venetian Hotel and Casino was the site and sponsor for the Macau premiere of: on hand wereand many more......

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Preview of Hafen der Düfte


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Hafen der Düfte premieres 7th Dec 13 on Das Erste!

Hafen der Düfte

Veronica Ferres, Herbert Knaup and Russell Wong are the stars of  Hafen der Dufte which premieres on the 7th of December on Das Erste.Gang Tung, the trusted keeper of other people's goodsHafen der Dufte is a made for (German) tv movie.  Synopsis:Hong Kong, 2012. It has been 15 years since the former British crown colony was returned to China. The Jubilee Haiman-Sammlung is a collection of inestimable value and for the first time the splendid art treasures will be presented to the public in an event signifying greater and improving relationships between two countries.  The curator of the exhibition is the Berlin Kunstexpertin Victoria Philips (Veronica Ferres), whose husband is Peter (Herbert Knaup ) .

The night after their arrival the exhibit is stolen. In order to avoid an international politcal scandal Victoria must find high-quality replacements.

Victoria receives unexpected assistance from a prominent night club owner Edward Lim (Russell Wong), who opens the door to the Chinese art market and in process woos her passionately.

Actress Veronica Ferres shines in the starring role of this detective story about Hong Kong and it’s shimmering art scene. The screenplay was by the American author Philip LaZebnik, known for "Hindenburg"/"Mulan"/"Pocahontas"/"The Prince of Egypt" as inspired by Harold Nebenzals's novel. Peter Gersina filmed in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur..The link below is to the program page of German TV: details about Hafen der Dufte, Veronica Ferres and Russell Wong can be found at:

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It's not gambling when you play both sides.

Playing both sides is usually called arbitrage or hedging.  For an actor it's versatility. Kill and be killed!  I am blessed to have that opportunity this year.  To take on the House and to be the House. And with it, another world premiere (I wonder at times if I am overusing the phrase "world premiere", but it's true again)....."The White Storm" a feature by Benny Chan Muk-Shing will open the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival on 25th Oct at the Star Hall.   http://www.hkaff.asia I have made the final cut as an Indonesian Badass at the Galaxy Casino in Macau.I have a long history with Casinos and I did study one game, very thoroughly, the game of Blackjack.Been at it for awhile....these chips no longer circulate in Macau.Hotel Lisboa chips from the '80 and '70's respectively.  Gambler's have their quirks.  Mine is to save one chip from a very lucky night.  I have many from many different casinos around the world.  I would like to think I was that good.Quadrupled my money in an hour at the Hotel Annapura in Katmandu.  Playing conditions were ideal.  Dealer was very slow with a two deck hand held game and I had the count plus the benefit of his lack of protection for the hole card.  As the Rupee is not convertible they have two sets of chips for whatever people play in.I thought I was a gambling God until............I came up against the real deal......And you don't take it to the man's house, because the house always wins.So if you can't beat them, join them.....Safer behind the table. Those scene's from "21" with Kevin Spacey are more true than you think.   Discovered that the years of studying the game and dealer's moves pays off.So I move behind the table.  I am the House!  BTW Casino's do employ dealer's who know the count and plays....that's how they flag the scammers.And for this last performances I am not dealing death. I am still taking your money, but to give  life and funds for AIDS Concern.Cards, Condoms, and Chips![](/attachments/2013/10/19/00/98500_201310190039151.thumb.jpg)

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The Far Flung Star, Now @ Vimeo on Demand@!“a Visually-stunning gem, a NORTH BY NORTHWEST for the digital age. This caper film doesn't let you rest for a second.” (Richard Uhlig)“I couldn't stop laughing at the situations and banter between the characters.” (William Butler)Diana Dunbar (Christa Engelbrecht) is a struggling actress living in Los Angeles who finds herself in the middle of a real-life spy movie when her younger brother Ian (Eric Tedder) shows up after being chased by a mysterious stranger who murdered his lover. The brother/sister duo must find a “dead drop” hidden somewhere in Hong Kong before they are killed themselves. An American backpacker (John Werskey) helps them seek refuge in the Asian metropolis, while black-market half-wit mercenaries Van & Eva (Garrett Swann & Shirley Wong) watch from the shadows. Also following them is a villainous official (Andrew Ng) who takes orders from dragoness Madame Iris (Cordelia Choy). With only a postcard of clues to lead them to the dead drop; the good guys are soon outnumbered, setting off a chain of events including a chase down the longest outdoor escalator in the world, a botched kidnapping, an incredible treasure, a budding romance, and a hair raising encounter with the Giant Buddha.WORLD PREMIERE @ Raindance Film Festival, London

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World Premiere of "the Far Flung Star" at Raindance 2013 on 30th September

I am blessed this month.  Not only did I survive Super Taiphoon Usagi, but two feature films that I am involved in have and will World Premiere.  Having world premiered in Hong Kong with "Something Good" being selected by the Hong Kong International Film Festival as its opening feature for Cine Italiano, the spot light now moves to London (thrilled to play London!) and the Vue at Piccadilly for the world premiere of "the Far Flung Star" as an official selection for Raindance Film Festival 2013. "The Far Flung Star" is produced and directed by Steve Balderson who will also be holding a Masters Workshop on Indie Filmmaking during the run at Raindance.Video:

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World Premiere of "Something Good" sells out both screenings!

Director and lead actor Luca Barbareschi and lead actress Zhang Jingchu. (Photo courtesy of the Hong Kong International Film Festival)"Something Good" was the opening feature for Cine Italiano co-presented by the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Instituto Italiano Di Cultura.(Photo Courtesy of the Hong Kong International Film Festival)Opening ceremony for Cine Italiano and presentation of the cast for the World Premiere of "Something Good".

From left: Mr. LI Cheuk-to, Artistic Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS); Mr. Roger GARCIA, Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS); Mr. Rodrigo Cipriani FORESIO, President of Istituto Luce Cinecittà; Ms. Ankie BEILKE, actress of Something Good; Ms. Alessandra SCHIAVO, Consul General of Italy; Mr. Luca BARBARESCHI , director and leading actor of Something Good; Ms. ZHANG Jingchu, leading actress of Something Good; Mr. Kirt Kashita, actor of Something Good; Ms. Nicole Russo, actress of Something Good; Mr. Andrew Ng, actor of Something Good; Mr. Carl NG, actor of Something Good; Mr. Matteo FAZZI, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong; and Mr. Francesco MARCOLINI, President of Zetema Progetto CulturaThe opening screening as well as today's screening have sold out![](/attachments/2013/09/21/15/98500_201309211518591.thumb.jpg)

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Human Evolutionism 3000 a short for Hong Kong's first special effects make-up exhibition which will be held next month.

3000 Human Evolutionism-a short film directed by Boris Burgess

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The World Premiere of Something Good to open Cine Italiano!

Cine Italiano co-presented by the Instituto Italiano Di Cultura and the Hong Kong International Film Festival will world premiere "Something Good" a film by Luca Barbareschi.

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