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Out of the Dark into the Light...The Original Urban Warrior

  So I have been MIA-ing ...BIG TIME ...especially since my last blog which was forever ago...and now I am ready to blog seriously.....so much has happened and there is a heap of stuff  I have been wanting to blog about but I don't feel as if I can until I write about the 12 months which have given me a whole new perspectiveThe last 12 months have had me out of my comfort zone in every way possible. 12 months ago I found out my dad had cancer, 5 1/2 months later he was taken away from all that l...Read more

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i want somma your Brown Suga

Heeeeeeey Happy Lunar New Year !!!!! Gung Hei Fat Choy ! Sun Tai Kin Hong!!!

So last wednesday night-(feb 4th) was the 9th  Speak Up at Philia Lounge hosted by the lovely Kate Sullivan and Roger De Leon of  e.v.e.n.t... and  it was awesome......and packed . I dont think i've ever seen it packed so much !!!! WELL DONE KATE AND ROGER !!!!

It was also the night i had asked Kate if i could perform a little sumthin sumthin that i had been wanting to for a while......Kate was like "HELL YEAH" !!! And so i ...Read more

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So I know I have been MIA-ing like a mo fo...i have good reason for this ........


I spend most of my day at a school in the middle of nowhere .....I like to call it  " Narnia" the wardbrobe is replaced by two tunnels. The weather is significantly different......there is also the sad position of my desk...which is at such an angle that every person that walks through the door can witness what i am doing on my 80's inspired computer....that runs at the speed of a turtle and is also completely in chinese....."B&qu...Read more

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Hey Peeps

So as my ass has been kicked several times about not doing this ....i have finally found a moment to do this !!!! Apologies ....especailly to Spencer who was devestated that I hadn't fully utlised my AnD profile ...this is for you!!

I guess I should tell you a little about myself....brace yoursleves and grab a cup of tea !!!

I have been in Hong Kong since the summer of 2006 and have been a NEDT...a Native English Drama Teacher in local schools since......but thats just the day job...by night I get inv...Read more

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