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Something Different

I got typecast A LOT as the nice innocent harmless characters: Office associates, Assistant, Nurse... but since I started taking Thai Boxing for fun with a friend at the beginning of this year, I seem to be on a strike for something a bit more fun!

Recently appeared in the mini web drama "Forever Kiss" briefly. I was again just another office associates, but guess what, somehow I got a fight scene in it!

Haha, it's a completely random comedic scene, not really about fight, but I had so much fun shooting that. They actually have a martial artist there to teach me and the guy I'm "fighting" with some poses for this.

P.S. if you're interested, check out the series here, it's a romantic comedy featuring Jonathan Wong and Anjaylia Chan, I find it rather entertaining

Another one is an independent film project I just finished, and spent my quarter of a century birthday on it. This one now, I finally got to be a tougher character!

Was running a lot in this film, gotta threw mango at some douchebag that messes with my character, and kick, punch, and hit someone with a cane in this film! Had a great time working on this one, quite some workout from all the running etc, but hey, those are the moments I was most awake and enjoyed every second of it

Me in and out of character for "8 Minutes Ahead":

Cheers! XOXO

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Hey! What's going on!

I've probably said that a couple hundred times since the beginning of this month.... to the point that I lost my voice for almost a full week, still recovering.. cough cough

I'm pretty sure this tagline sounds familiar to those who've been inside the A&F Pedder Street store since it's opening on 11 August.

Yes, I started working for Abercrombie now as one of their "Models" and occasionally their "Camera Girl".

Won't be there everyday, but if you are around, drop by and say hi

Catch you later!

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Shooting in Beijing

This is another random job I got early.

So here's the story:

From the Disneyland shooting, I met the writer of this project.

She's one of the cast member of the shooting, and at the end of the first shooting day, she asked me if I'm interested to go for a casting for her project the next day.

Of course I said yes!

So I went to the casting, met the producer, read a scene quickly.

And the very next day, I got confirmed to play the LEAD for this project!

Next thing I know, plane tickets booked, accomodation arranged, did a skype rehearsal with the director in Beijing and another main cast in Taiwan (Yes, SKYPE!), and off I go!

I don't really think I should talk about the project too much at this point, but some random incidents and thoughts during the days in Beijing shouldn't hurt Some random pictures:

Definitely had some crazy time there, hard work, and I had a eczema break out from the first day of shooting.... Thankfully the director had a similiar issue before, so I can use his medicine to control it during the shooting..... but man... of all the time it could have happened

Other then that I got to do a bit of "Art Jamming" while I was there -  that red-ish painting is my master piece!

Found a new favorite Tea House -- left bottom corner; only wish I found that place earlier, I would be going there daily

and finally, a bit of "Pole Dancing"... I was really just over the top hyper that day

Haha, fun times, looking forward to the finished product!

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Christmas Island

Haven't really traveled since I came back from Japan. And just this past week, I went to the GORGEOUS Christmas Island for my long awaited vacation!

Here's what happened:

Couple weeks ago, almost all my friends seems to be traveling somewhere (Easter). So I thought:

OK, enough of listening to others, I want to travel!!!

And since this thought just jumped at me, I decided to do something I always wanted to do:

SPIN THE GLOBE! Yes! I did it, I needed to decided a destination anyway, and it landed on Christmas Island!

What a lucky spin!

I started looking up and booking flight tickets, hotels, etc; pack my backpack and left!

Of course it did took me awhile to convince my mother to let me go, especially when I decided to go on this one alone (another thing I wanted to do for awhile - traveling alone. CI seems relatively safe, so might as well right?), but it all got done pretty quickly~

Haha, felt SO good to have a spontaneous trip like that!

It truly was a lucky spin to have chosen Christmas Island as my destination. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

I got to hike everyday, stand under a waterfall, enjoy some sun and fresh air, swim in the unbelievably clear open water, snorkel and scuba dive for the first time, etc.

I definitely got tanner, and think I might have lost a few pounds during the trip.

The dive was definitely one of the highlight of the trip!

Some mischievous dolphins found us and decided to tease us quite a bit! They were swimming around our boat right after we finished the dive and took off our gear, and when our diving coach kicked us all back in the water with only our snorkels on, they decided to make us chase them!

I caught up with 2 of them a bit, they were swimming right under me for about 10 secs before they dive into deeper water and disappeared. And when we got back up the boat, we can see them again about 10 feet away from our boat with their fins sticking out the water, again!

I've always wanted to swim with dolphins, just never imagined I'll be chasing them around at the same time!

AND after our last chase with the dolphins (that happened at least 3 times), the sharks showed up!

And our diving coach once again kick us in the water to have a closer look at them! He kept saying "It's safe" "They won't bite" etc, but it still took me and the other 2 traveling divers awhile before we decided to get back in the water. (These sharks are quite patience in comparison to those dolphins )

Of course we weren't swimming around, more like dipping in the water at the back of the boat, just to have a closer look at them. But whoa, that was SO MUCH FUN!!!

2 sharks swam right by me the moment I put my head under water!

They were SO close, I could have touched them if I just reached out my arm! How do I look? I didn't take any pictures under water, but I highly doubt I will forget much of that dive!

All in all, it was definitely one of my favorite vacations so far.

Done a couple things for the first time over this trip, and I just love it! Especially when I haven't had a chance to enjoy the nature in a really long time.

HIGHLY recommend this island!


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Easter Celebration

I don't usually celebrate Easter, think I did it once in the states, went Easter Egg Hunting with my friend's children (Age 6- 14). Other than that it's perhaps some egg painting when I was younger... and eating Kinder Eggs

But this year I got to paint some Easter Eggs again! Here's are my work:

Why? Cause it was an event I was helping with Glamabox.

And not just painting Eggs, I was one of the hair model that night for Kim Robinson's team.

Got my makeup done by the fabulous Alice So, and hair styling by Sheila Cheung!

Kim Robinson's team was their to do a demo Hair Styling/ Hair makeover for the bloggers, so checkout what they did to my hair in the end below:

I LOVE it, but don't think I know how to do it again on my own

Anyways, Group Pic!


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Hi All~

Wow, I pretty much abandoned this blog...

Just have been rather busy with my new job at Glamabox, and trying to find a balance between work and my personal life (my 2012 New Year's resolution ^^)

Finally getting more active, actually going out to see old friends and meet new ones! Feels much better than my previous Work => Home => Work schedule~ LOL

A picture is worth a thousand words, and since I've never been very good with words, here goes my update with some random shots here and there:


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Happy 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!It's finally 2012! Had a blast last night with some friends for a delicious hotpot dinner and then countdown at Yumla! It's always great to get to hang out with such a wonderful group of people after working like a mad person for so long. Thank you very much for being my friends guys!! I wish you all the best for 2012!


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Hehe, this year my costume is inspired by Patrick's last year's take on Monkey.D.Luffy from "One Piece" - my FAVORITE anime of all time and so I decided to be - - - -  - - - ----------

Tony Tony Chopper I didn't make the entire costume this time, I saw the hat at a store and knew that there's no way I can make a better Chopper hat than that, so I just make the body part & the gloves....

But I did make Chopper's backpack out of a pair of old jeans!! Just some more pictures of me playing around with the Chopper look And this year I don't have to worry about where to put my stuff by having the backpack

Finally, one of my favorite pic taken at the party with Cat Woman, and the Black & White Swans


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Getting Ready!

Totally Excited about the Dead not Alive Halloween Party tonight!!! Can't wait to see everybody in their fabulous costumes!I only made about 50% of my costume this year, but I'm happy with it  Here's a little hint on what I'll be tonight:SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!

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Kung Hei Fat Choy

YEAH!~ It's finally Bunny Year!!! My year~ HAHAHAHA

Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone!!! xoxo

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