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《平行上海》/ "Parallel Shanghai": Official trailer now online!!

Hello all!~ The official trailer for 《平行上海》/ "Parallel Shanghai" is now out and on Youtube and Youku!!~ I blogged about this project, as "Shanghai 2010" in the past,  which was the working title until recently.Heres the 1st official posterHere's the trailer on Youtube:Video:Read more

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David Lynch MV Competition Entry

Hey guys,


The awesome ones that brought you this years "48 Hours Film Festival" winner film "Boxed In" (Hong Kong, 2010) and I are bringing you a new project right before 2010 ends!!


Arne Venema (director, cinematographer, editor and good friend) made an entry for the Dav...Read more

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My action demo reel is now online!~

Hi guys, My action demo is now online!~ Please have a look and drop ur comments!~ Big shootout to Zhou Lefor shooting/editing this demo, and the awesome Kazu Patrick Tangfor the action stuff.Follow him:

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/M1CHAELCHAN Facebook:  http://...Read more

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On the set of "平行上海" aka "Shanghai 2010"

Here's an update about my latest project: "平行上海" (Ping Xing Shang Hai) aka "Shanghai 2010". It's an action/sci-fi short film (pilot episode) that we shot... well... in Shanghai!! :p平行上海 - (Ping Xing Shang Hai) means "Alternative Shanghai", Said is still working on the official english title, but I like to call it "Shanghai 2010" as a working title for now!~ :)Read more

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Monkey Gun

Hi guys, I'm sorry that I appeared to be hiding all this time. Actually, I worked on a few things here and there, but I wasn't able to talk about them at the moment.Here's some still pictures of one of those projects. "Monkey Gun" was kept secret all this time!! This time, I play the role of Red in "Monkey Gun". Written, directed and produced by Read more

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Lumina Season One Re-Cap!

Hi all!Here's the wrap up for Lumina Season One. Hope you all enjoy the whole series like I do.I will share my thoughts with y'all later!Web Series: Lumina Season 1. Ep. 1 -  Ep. 9 Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HxhRUc-aU4Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-rbK8rI_Y4Video URL: ht...Read more

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AD'ing on Kung Fu Chefs / 功夫廚神 (part3) - Action on the set of KFC

Working as an assistant director and assistant producer (non credited) made me learn so much in many ways, and also allowed me to be involve in different aspect of filmmaking... Such as organizing photoshoots for ever actors.. Before and after the shoots, I would take advantage of the settings and the photographer to take some pictures for fun! Here are some of the action pics I had on the set of Kung Fu Chefs.Read more

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The web series " LUMINA" has been out since September 8th, 2009! And the 4th webisode just came out last night, out of a total of 9! If you haven't seen the series yet, it's seriously time to catch up!! "Tick tock, little rabbit!" LUMINA Webisode 1: Single WomenLUMINA Webisode 2: Wake Up CallLUMINA Webisode 3: Enter the MirrorspyLUMINA Webisode 4: Still of the Night In case you havent heard the news yet, KoldCast TV signed the web series " LUMINA" for distribution! Read Read more

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I've Been IMDb'd and HK Cinemagic'd!!!

Great news!!I finally got an IMDb page and I'll be working very hard to fill it with even more great projects!! Note that I've got a more or less "common name", and I'm ranked the Michael Chan IX (9th). Haha, apparently, 9 is a lucky number!! Well, my next goal is to get as high as possible among the other "MICHAEL CHAN's"!! Hopefully, get to...Read more

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AD'ing on Kung Fu Chefs / 功夫廚神 (part 2)

It has been really interesting to work behind the camera of "功夫廚神 /Kung Fu Chefs" last year. And watching the final product 3 times in a row last week, didn't seem that long at all! Ive been reminded of a lot of memories on the set! Here are some pictures taken on the set along with some descriptions.. It's not as detailed as watching special features on a DVD, but hey, it is from a different angle! MY angle!! hehe Read more

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