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《平行上海》/ "Parallel Shanghai": Official trailer now online!!

Hello all!~ The official trailer for 《平行上海》/ "Parallel Shanghai" is now out and on Youtube and Youku!!~ I blogged about this project, as "Shanghai 2010" in the past,  which was the working title until recently.Heres the 1st official posterHere's the trailer on Youtube:Video: for our friends in China, here it is again, on Youku:Video:'s a list of the cast and crew:Mike Chan (Hong Kong, Lumina: the Webseries, "Game Over", "Kung Fu Chefs")Patrick Kazu Tang (Thailand, martial artist champion of France and actor of "Raging Phoenix", "Bangkok Knockout")SiYun Chan (Shanghai)Bert Feng (Shanghai)Good friend on set helping out: DJ B-KutMaking of: SL YangPhotographer: Todd Make up: Minnie.ZWriter/Director/Editor/CGI: Zhou LeA few snaps from the shoot:Helping out behind the camera.. :DKazu, B-ut and Myself... holding a banana.. You'll know why later... :D Part of our cast and crew!!~ Miss you guys!!~ Cheers all, and Enjoy!!~ 

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David Lynch MV Competition Entry

Hey guys,


The awesome ones that brought you this years "48 Hours Film Festival" winner film "Boxed In" (Hong Kong, 2010) and I are bringing you a new project right before 2010 ends!!


Arne Venema (director, cinematographer, editor and good friend) made an entry for the David Lynch film competition in which film makers compete to make a music video for a track by David Lynch. 


Please log on to this site and VOTE FOR US!!!~


Here's the list of cast and crew:


Director:Arne Venema

Cinematographer: Arne Venema

Editor: Arne Venema

Graphics:Emma Moosa / Jona Chung Dha Lam

Make up: Max Lam


Killer - Kirt Kishita

Victim 1 - Harry Du Young

Victim 2 - Neil Brown

Victim 3 - Mike Chan

Victim 4 - Joe Fiorello

Black Figure -Emma Moosa


I'm playing a victim in this project, but with your vote I might just turn out to be a winner!! Hehe


Here are some snaps from the shoot!!~ Enjoy!!~


Here's the link again!! Enjoy and remember to vote for us!!~


Cheers and happy holidays!!~

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My action demo reel is now online!~

Hi guys, My action demo is now online!~ Please have a look and drop ur comments!~ Big shootout to Zhou Lefor shooting/editing this demo, and the awesome Kazu Patrick Tangfor the action stuff.Follow him:

Twitter: Facebook:

If you like what you see, please favorite, rate and comment!! Cheers all!~Cheers all,  Video: http://\

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On the set of "平行上海" aka "Shanghai 2010"

Here's an update about my latest project: "平行上海" (Ping Xing Shang Hai) aka "Shanghai 2010". It's an action/sci-fi short film (pilot episode) that we shot... well... in Shanghai!! :p平行上海 - (Ping Xing Shang Hai) means "Alternative Shanghai", Said is still working on the official english title, but I like to call it "Shanghai 2010" as a working title for now!~ :)Here's a list of people that worked on "平行上海" / "Shanghai 2010"Mike Chan(Hong Kong, Lumina:the Webseries)Patrick KazuTang (Thailand, martial artist champion of France and actor of Raging Phoenix)SiYun Chan (Shanghai)Bert Feng (Shanghai)Good friend on set helping out:DJ B-KutCGI crew: RobertMaking of: SL YangPhotographer: Todd Make up: Minnie.ZWriter/Director/Editor: Zhou LeHere's some pictures that we took on the set!~ Enjoy!~So, my journey to Shanghai started with this.... On the plane, I read the script again in French, and again in English and again in chinese!! All this enjoying my Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice creamsss... And vanilla as well!! :p From Hong Kong to Shanghai, I still had my fav cap with me!~ Later that night, we met up and had dinner with other members of AnD, also based in Shanghai. Here's Zhou Le, Cyril, myself, Loan Trinh and Kazu (Thailand).  The old streets of Shanghai... Zhou Le in action! You shoot, I shoot!~ Ok, this is Kazu!! Yup... Right here!! :pStanding by with Kazu and giving a my hand for them to focus.ACTIONhit...and block!~and kick!!~ (Photo by sneaky DJ B-Kut!!)1.... 2... and 3....!!! For fun!~ This shot is not in the actual film!~ hehe Back to serious: Script reading and translating for the "Park" scene..On the set of the Moganshan Lu scene... SiYun is playing tricks on Zhou Le, which is busy reading his script and Kazu is dancing in the background... And I randomly took a picture of all this!! Weird team, really!! haha Going through the scene of "Moganshan Lu".Myself, SiYun and Kazu, on the set of the "Moganshan Lu" scene. I noticed that I dont have much pictures with SiYun, and thats because we didnt film much together.. Can anyone tell me what Kazu is doing, while Im reading my script?!? Hahaha"GOTCHA!!~"Explaining the scene to Bert, while Kazu and Siyun are rehearsing their fight choreography further back. Posing with my partner, Bert, on the set of "Shanghai 2010".Sometimes, I was my own sound man as well!!~ Just sometimes!!~ LOLMeeting room scene... Discussing withZhou Leand Robert (CGI) about this scene...Going through the "Meeting Room" scene with director Zhou Le. We had to make everything clear about this scene, since I'm acting against a "computer".... And the computer failed to show up that day!!~ So I had to improvise!! ;)Back to the old streets of Shanghai...Finally, back on the old streets of Shanghai, we wanted to take some group pictures...Kazu and I decided to jump on 3, and DJ B-Kutnoticed us so tried to follow, leaving Bert and Zhou Le posing normally!~ XDThis time, everyone jumped on 3... But DJ B-Kut missed the count!! And I thought DJ's would never miss a count!! LOL Hahaha On this one, Kazu planned to play a trick on Zhou Le, who back up at the count of 2!! And I was just laughing so hard, I couldnt jump on this one!! hahaha Zhou Le's revenge!! Pushing Kazuon 3!! haha Expecting something fishy, I decided to jump forward. And B-Kutwas just too tired of jumping, so raised a leg and pretended it was martial art or something!!~ :p Since we werent able to take a "perfect-jumping-group-picture", I decided to steal it on this one!!~ Haha Noticed that   Kazu is holding Zhou Le's cap in the air, while DJ B-Kut is still holding on to his leg!! At the end, we were all burnt out from the shoot... and all this jumping around... so we had to call it a day! We decided to take some nicer group pictures at the studio! :)This one night, we finished early and we made it to the Bund for some casual pix and drinks nearby!~ A bit foggy, but still recognizable!!~ Last time I was in Shanghai, was in 2001 during a student trip!! It was great to be back, especially for such a fun project and also for meeting new great friends!!~ I will def visit again soon!!~ Here's part of our team. Small team, maybe! But, strong team for sure!~  We hope to bring you a new action/sci-fi experience!! More stuff to be updated soon!!~ Cheers and thanks for you support!!!~ 

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Monkey Gun

Hi guys, I'm sorry that I appeared to be hiding all this time. Actually, I worked on a few things here and there, but I wasn't able to talk about them at the moment.Here's some still pictures of one of those projects. "Monkey Gun" was kept secret all this time!! This time, I play the role of Red in "Monkey Gun". Written, directed and produced by Arne Venema, I knew this was going to be great fun to work on!! And this time, I had to wear a single red contact lens. I wasn't used to it and took me a painful 5 minutes to put it on the first time!! Haha Ive met Joe F at last year's 48 Hour Film Festival in HK and have seen many of his work before. It was great to finally work with the awesome Joe F. FYI, we've had almost as much fun on the set than in the usual clubs we hand out at!! HahahaHere's the list of the people that worked on Monkey Gun:Red - Mike ChanBusiness Man - Joe Fiorello News Announcer - Tony SabineCinematographer - Jona Chung Dha LamAnimation - Foon WongAdditional Graphics - Emma MoosaMusic - Jelle "Distrikt" Hoebee Writer, Director & Producer - Arne VenemaFor more info, click the available links!! Till next time, Cheers all!!~"

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Lumina Season One Re-Cap!

Hi all!Here's the wrap up for Lumina Season One. Hope you all enjoy the whole series like I do.I will share my thoughts with y'all later!Web Series: Lumina Season 1. Ep. 1 -  Ep. 9 Video URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: a good day/night!Happy Early Halloween! :DEnjoy! 

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AD'ing on Kung Fu Chefs / 功夫廚神 (part3) - Action on the set of KFC

Working as an assistant director and assistant producer (non credited) made me learn so much in many ways, and also allowed me to be involve in different aspect of filmmaking... Such as organizing photoshoots for ever actors.. Before and after the shoots, I would take advantage of the settings and the photographer to take some pictures for fun! Here are some of the action pics I had on the set of Kung Fu Chefs.A random jumping hook kick..Side kick.. Haha Im not sure why I did these two.. But we sure had great laughs! LOLJumping roundhouseAnother side kick.. tried to kick as high as I could.. One-hand stand. I used this one in one of my previous entries.. The one with the lobster! XDIm pretty sure I added some dance elements to this one.. although, its not as nice as it should've been! Not even sure if this one little better?Jump back-kick.. Jump kick opposite the stunt coordinator, German Cheung. Now great friend of mine, and will be helping out on stunt director my next project![](/attachments/2009/10/13/05/261052_2009101305513911.thumb.jpg)Another side kick.. On the last few day of shoot, in Chung Shan, I finally had some time to practice with some of the stuntmen.    Holding a side kick for a pose..Jump back kick while he blocks in the air.and again with another dude.. Now, my turn to block![](/attachments/2009/10/13/05/261052_2009101305513916.thumb.jpg)This position appeared in the kung fu school scene. The students on the 16 tables had to do it, and while the stuntmen were praticing, I joined the crew!! :) So this was a quick entry about my fun and action stuff on the set of Kung Fu Chefs. I was actually recovering from a back injury, an accident that happened in january, so my technics have gone bad a bit.. Ill need to practice more from now on! Cheers and be safe all!!Michael

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The web series " LUMINA" has been out since September 8th, 2009! And the 4th webisode just came out last night, out of a total of 9! If you haven't seen the series yet, it's seriously time to catch up!! "Tick tock, little rabbit!" LUMINA Webisode 1: Single WomenLUMINA Webisode 2: Wake Up CallLUMINA Webisode 3: Enter the MirrorspyLUMINA Webisode 4: Still of the Night In case you havent heard the news yet, KoldCast TV signed the web series " LUMINA" for distribution! Read LuminaSeries' blog to know the details.More info can be found @ http://www.LuminaSeries.comUntil the next week, enjoy the first 4 webisodes and please forward to your friends! Cheers and be safe! :) **********Reposted with embed HD version!! :) 

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I've Been IMDb'd and HK Cinemagic'd!!!

Great news!!I finally got an IMDb page and I'll be working very hard to fill it with even more great projects!! Note that I've got a more or less "common name", and I'm ranked the Michael Chan IX (9th). Haha, apparently, 9 is a lucky number!! Well, my next goal is to get as high as possible among the other "MICHAEL CHAN's"!! Hopefully, get to no. 1!!! hehe Here's the link to my page!'s my resume section.. Still a bit messy now, but Ill arrange everything soon!!Great news #2:Our 3 weeks old baby, the web series LUMINA, is releasing the 4th webisode today. 3 weeks/ 4 webisodes?!? Yeah, do the math!1st week: webisodes 1: "Single Women" and 2: "Wake Up Call"... 2nd week: webisode3: "Enter the Mirrorspy" , and now, 3rd week: WEBISODE 4!!!Great news #3:KoldCast TV Signed LUMINA for distribution!! For more info, readJennifer's/LuminaSeries'blog here :KOLDCAST TV SIGNS LUMINA THE WEB SERIES! That means you can catch it online on Monday @ will be released on Youtube on the usual Tuesday evening @ news #4:LUMINA is now officially listed on Hong  Kong CineMagic!! Check it out, its on the main page along with the official LUMINA trailer or@ own Hong Kong Cinemagic page!!, that was a lot of great news in one go!! Hope we're bringing you all some great entertainments and keep supporting us!!"Remember, if you like what you see, please tell your friends! If not, go tell Jen!!"p.s. "Things To Do Before I Can't Do Anything Anymore List"- Get an IMDb and HK Cinemagic page---->DOUBLE CHECKS!!!

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AD'ing on Kung Fu Chefs / 功夫廚神 (part 2)

It has been really interesting to work behind the camera of "功夫廚神 /Kung Fu Chefs" last year. And watching the final product 3 times in a row last week, didn't seem that long at all! Ive been reminded of a lot of memories on the set! Here are some pictures taken on the set along with some descriptions.. It's not as detailed as watching special features on a DVD, but hey, it is from a different angle! MY angle!! hehe Me, posing with the clapboard in front of the ingredient cage, where for the cooking competition scenes took place.Giving directions and listening to Philip Keung / 姜皓文 rehearsing the line, while he is being moved to the right position. I had to stand in for the actor's during rehearsals sometimes. Here, I'm standing in for Van Ness / 吳建豪 while he gets ready for the scene.Standing in and rehearsing the scene before the actors gets on set. Here, standing in for Van Ness / 吳建豪 for the scene where Sammo Hung / 洪金寶 gives him the rusted "Dragon-Head Cleaver". I had to splash soya sauce on Ada Cheung / 张可昕's face before rolling the camera, as if she spilled on herself while cooking. Looks painful, but it's actually not! On the set of the competition scenes in "功夫廚神 /Kung Fu Chefs", which is also where we had the press conference to announce the beginning of the production. (See next picture) This place is huge!! We had a huge "temporary poster" of the movie, for the press conference, which was also held in the same place as the cooking competition. (Notice the background of the previous picture)About to give the "action" to Van Ness / 吳建豪 and Ai Kago / 加護亜依 during the foot chase scene. We nicknamed this alleyway, "avenue of stars", for production purposes.Another of my task was to make sure the background actors knew what to do while filming. But, here, we were just waiting on the production crew to finalize something. Working on the actors' call sheet for the next few days of shoot. I was either running around on set, or doing a lot of paper work... trust me, a lot of both!! As much as I can be very serious on a set, I love to play around with props when I get my hand on them! hehe Here I am, posing as the emcee on set. On the set with Cherrie Ying /應采兒and Ai Kago /加護亜依. While our director Ken Wing-Kin Yip /葉永健 was giving directions to the actors, I sneaked behind the camera for a quick snap![](/attachments/2009/09/15/22/261052_200909152233096.thumb.jpg)It was truly an honour to be able to work with living screen legend Sammo Hung / 洪金寶![](/attachments/2009/09/15/22/261052_200909152235476.thumb.jpg)Van Ness / 吳建豪 was great fun to work with! He gave me a lot of personal tips to be a successful actor. He's genuinely a good guy to hang out with!! Sharon Pan Pan Yang / 楊盼盼 is the person who trusted me and gave me this chance to work behind the camera. And there's Eddie Chu, the other assistant director / assistant producer. Sharon was one of the first stuntwoman in the history of Hong Kong cinema.Me, Philip Keung / 姜皓文 and the awesome Chi Chung Lam / 林子聰!![](/attachments/2009/09/15/22/261052_200909152233093.thumb.jpg)I got along pretty well with the stuntmen, maybe cause we practiced together on set as well. (Pictures in a future entry) We had half a day off in the middle of the production and we were treated to the buffet! This is most likely one of the biggest buffet in the whole China and with the most choices!! As I also had some tasks as producer's assistant so I was often needed on the phone as well. Here, with actor Jian Fei Wu / 吴建飞 between 2 shots. Wooohoooo I had gr eat fun behind the scenes!! (while Sammo / 洪金寶 was on his way to the scene!)Here we go.. We moved from Pan Yu to Chung Shan for the few days remaining.On the set of the opening scenes for Van Ness' character, the Kung Fu school.Early in the morning, the stunt crew had to set up all the wires and equipment for the action scenes planed for the day. For several specific crane shot, we had this beast on set! The Plasssssss...tic looking tv we had in the hotel, in Chung Shan. Oh well, I barely even had time for TV! I might look very bad and sweaty, that's because I was working behind the camera, and it was so hot and humid!! There are lots of differences between working in front and behind the camera, but no matter which position I take, its all about giving the best of myself and take all the challenges one after the other!  More of my experience on the shooting of "功夫廚神 /Kung Fu Chefs" to be shared in future blog entries. Till then, be safe everyone! :)Michael

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