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Third lifestyle change. New #hobby freakin #lego so I needed to find peace with my ears ringing… https://t.co/K0msH96zqv

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Shout out to nikehkg #nikehkg for the #airforce1ultra super #comfy n #light makes me wanna #jump… https://t.co/quQM4waIZP

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And for a Father's Day gift what a better way than to perform with dad! I was still a little… https://t.co/iko3kSftgv

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Happy Father's Day to all new dads like me, to my father in law and my dad! Of course every… https://t.co/XqqMk9LCHw

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First sound check done. Ears are ok! #nervous but #happy at the same time. Thanks to the team… https://t.co/uvmsNQepHw

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Missing my #family already! Tyler's smile is so #infectious #twofrontteeth coming soon! #happy https://t.co/IvpUMs1wGz

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@FlipsideWallet Love the design. Always have. Will you guys ever release a larger type on for us international people? A fan from Hong Kong!

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Tomorrow we're off to #foshan for dads weekend concert. A bit nervous but happy to say that the… https://t.co/sjl4lPihRj

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Second lifestyle change. 100% family 0% work. I may have mad #tinnitus and #suddenhearingloss… https://t.co/NSc6F1GEhb

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MRI is normal #thankyougod Hearing loss still there. Ringing has never left. Looks like I'm in… https://t.co/ZrWHXdejvF

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May 28, 2007

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