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For the past few weeks I've been dealing with sudden hearing loss. It's to the point where I… https://t.co/ywT2KDLGt1

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Go #grandpa #goodshow alantam25 Tyler doing his promotional rounds. #許冠傑 #samhui #happytogether… https://t.co/OT64zAmf27

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Something a little different. Prepping for a #lensbaby and #sony shoot. Helping with the cam is… https://t.co/01caSGqzKM

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So much fun jamming on the stage with my bro and dad. Nice pic from last week!

Repost… https://t.co/eqLVBaXdtm

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Absolutely still love this set up! No regrets. I also love the zeisscameralenses #cp2 set.… https://t.co/GF5o3fdm6U

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Our boy Tyler is 6 months old today! Keep staying #happy #babyboy #growstronger 👏🎊🎉🎉👪 https://t.co/j5mNpPc491

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Happy Mother's Day to mom, a happy grandma, always caring for us all! #mothersday… https://t.co/NdPXdfkQyF

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Happy 1st Mother's Day to my wonderful wife. You're a super mom and our boy Tyler is growing up… https://t.co/mjbOHNdIa7

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How dad finishes his shows. Goodbye #shenzen awesome crowd tonight!! Can't wait for the next… https://t.co/uqchBB3Hxf

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We're ready! Thanks for the clip @Patrickcreep #最佳拍檔 see you tomorrow. @ Shenzhen Bay Sports Center https://t.co/Zuuvlunf8p

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May 28, 2007

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