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Some fun snaps from samdawson1029 at the show last weekend. @oraclearena Love using my… https://t.co/KsQFd3JOvX

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Highlight of the show was seeing wrensl finally perform with us!! Yay now you'll get addicted… https://t.co/42wp1PILET

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Showtime in 30 mins! @oraclearena #oraclearena #samhui #許冠傑 @ Oracle Arena and Oakland Alameda… https://t.co/whvVdbfNcv

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Missing my boy so much! Love his #pose #babyboy our #littlemodel 😍 https://t.co/VoeEqZwZwV

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Hello #sanfrancisco flew in and straight to the press conference. Today it's shopping day before… https://t.co/4N8Xn6BcMO

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And we're off! Here we come #sanfrancisco dads show this weekend @oraclearena #samhui #許冠傑… https://t.co/aUUYc1xIEu

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Hahah thanks goprohongkong for the #gopro6 can't wait to review and get it back on my… https://t.co/UfsROnJnE5

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The date for the upcoming interview. Enjoy my broken #cantonese 😂. 守下留情,Oct 13th Radio 2.… https://t.co/DzNWrIpK7J

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It's been months, but now it's back to #camera talk and now a new channel dedicated to #lego… https://t.co/dAVb3FH0zV

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Tyler wants to show you the lanterns and wishes everybody a #happymidautumnmoonfestival… https://t.co/tXgVrIxOUW

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english, cantonese
Hong Kong
May 28, 2007

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