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Hengdian with Master Gordon - The Abbot

A few snaps from couple months ago shooting in Hengdian with Master Gordon featuring  as the The Abbott in RZA's upcoming movie The Man With The Iron Fists ... it was rather cold and frosty, but we enjoyed noshing at some great local regional restaurants along Hengdian main street, slowly sampling throughout the week or so we stayed there ...

Big Platter Muslim Stewed Chicken (above) / Natural Steamed Muslim Goat (below)

Local delicacy Soy Braised Pork Knuckles

Korean BBQ perfect for an icy day ...

the original Spaghetti Bolognaise that Marco Polo took back to Italy ... good ole 炸酱面

Lamb Hotpot with two Kung Fu Flick legends - Master G & Chen Kuan Tai ...

From how many movies do you recognise this temple on the side of a mountain?

RZA gifts to Master G a guitar as a momento ...

Big thank you to handsome Mike Leeder from Master Gordon & myself ... he knows what for ...


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Coffee Chris & BBQ Wudi @ BJ

Before my night train to Xian on Monday, it was fantastic to have fun meet-ups with my Beijing AnD pals ...

Chris Lay in Soho, then joining up with Wudi, Ian Hsieh and YiYi for some tasty local BBQ near the historic Drum Tower ...

Wu Di is learning Cantonese, so I left him some tongue-twisters to get practicing with ...

一蚊一隻雞 , 一蚊一隻龜。

你話邊種貴, 你話邊種抵?








i needed to be back in HK this week ... would have loved to have stayed a few days longer in Beijing and be there for AnD's 3rd Anniversary party this weekend.

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Congrats Michael!

Friday night was fun fun fun this week ... sailed across to the Sand Theatre, Macau for Michael Wong's"A Legend Reborn" show ... 

'twas a great show, great special guests (included Marsha Yuan, Race Wong, Josie Ho and the amazing tap-duo - Williams Brothers), wonderful after-show party and in the company of many AnD friends ... thanks Michael for a super evening and to the AnD team for making it all happen and inviting ...

Happiest Birthday wishes yesterday Michael!! ...  it was his birthday but he generously gifted Faye and me a bottle each of the the sponsor's Chivas exclusive 25-year aged stuff during the show  ... thanks so much bro!

Michael's helicopter birthday cake at the after-party ...

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last week ...

Last week was a hectic week but interspersed with fun bits ...

Last Sunday, having fun on location at West Kowloon Helipad to help Scottie and Patrick shoot Michael Wong's promo MV for his fantastic Big Band Sand's show in Macau on April 16.

'twas Filmart week ... visited the AnD boys at their booth on Tuesday, where they reminded me to be at the The Hollywood Reporter - Next Generation Awards party later in the evening at the new W Hotel ...

always great to see Fred once a year round this time ...

nice to hang with the AnD gang ...

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Master G & Bey ...

cooking the jam, brewing the tea, talking the "skinny",  or maybe just  blowing the water with Master G & Bey ... just now ... nice post-CNY catch-up session ...

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CNY Food Blog ...

A simple photo blog of some of the meals "noshed" this CNY period ...

年二十八 (2nd last day of Chinese Year) "double-chicken" dinner at Tak Hing Restaurant Futian Kou An

Soy Chicken

Garlic & Onion Chicken

Kale with Ginger

Seafood dinner - 大年初一 (CNY new year's day) @  流浮山(Lau Fou Shan)

(dedicated to Lydia's Granma)

Crab with Ginger & Spring Onion

Oysters with Ginger & Spring Onion

Barbeque Fried Groupa

First Dim Sum of the New Year - 大年初二 (2nd day of CNY)

Afternoon tea ... Nicola bakes Blueberry Youghurt Cupcakes as requested by Uncle Pat ...

Chiu Chow "Da Lang" dinner in Mongkok - 大年初二 (2nd day of CNY)

Pork Intestines "two-ways"

Traditional New Territories Poon Choy dinner - 大年初三 (3rd day of CNY)

Wishing everyone delightful eating in the Year of the Tiger - GONGXIFACAI!

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Fav Flicks of the decade ..

My favorite 3 films of the last decade ...

  1. The Classic (假如愛有天意) - 2002
  2. Elizabethtown - 2005

  3. Cape No.7 (海角七號) - 2008

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AnD NYE Party Pics

NYE party pics from my phone ... packed crowd, fun time, great party ... thanks AnD!

Power to AnD in 2010!!

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"Here's to Mr & Mrs Scottie Hui" - choice snaps!

"Here's to Mr & Mrs Scottie Hui" ... and their blissful marriage and fantastic wedding day a couple weeks ago at the Clearwater Bay Country Club .... i'm finally sorting out the pics from my E71 (super-phone) to my comp.

A choice selection of my favorite snaps and vids ... enjoy!

the "Yinster' talks "cake" ...

Justin "HB" dedicates a few of his favorite songs to the newly married couple ... Scottie & Ida duet Silence Is Gold 沉默是金 for the wedding guests ...

we were fighting over the bubbles ... got real nasty at one point ...

Scottie's first post-marriage interview ... with a surprise ... totally "got " me ... /u/0/t9l82hPaUNg Have a blissful marriage Bitch!

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