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Re Living the Great Wall Music Festival! and Live for Summer Nights

Here it is guy the Official Video from the David Guetta Great Wall Music Festival! all i can say it was epic! and to announce we are getting ready for our next event! Summer Nights in Beijing, Sep19th Ting Dong presents the Gongti Mid Autumn Music Festival, with the biggest line up to date in china! 2 top 10 DJ's Dash Berlin and Hardwell!  along with an American Billboard nominated hip-hop group (Far East Movement), coming together on one stage, in China, to welcome their fans here in Be...Read more

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In the Mother Land! BEIJING

Hey everyone. don't know if anybody is even going to be reading this, but figure this was my only outlet to the world since there is not Facebook here in china... i feel like I'm going to die. and this is my only way to contact the world. so yeah looks like I'm back on AnD lol!  So its been quite a long time since my last entry my career in the states as a bartender has really taken off in the past year. and now i find my self living here in beijing starting a new chapter in my life and in my career. so far i am not us...Read more

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some holliday spirits

just some things i picked up from Bev mo last week =P

was bored one day and thought id come up with some drinks. of course there was some trail and error but good thing i had some thirsty friends around to taste the drinks. haha eiher way was alot of fun drinking b4 going to watch jack ass. LOL

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Halloween weekend!

been a super busy weekend... man. thurs, fri, sat, sunday. not a night off. but lucky for me work was slow on friday and i was able to go to my friends house party. was cool to see some of the friends and old friends.

gota say this year was not a cheap halloween. damn expensive one for that matter. 60$ for universal horror nights. by far the worse experience ever...5 mazes. and 2 rides... only got to go on 3 mazes and 1 ride? wtf. waited in line for the mazes for like 70-90min and finally to be disapointed in the end.... what made...Read more

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The Side Car

a classic Sidecar cocktail

VSOP - 1.5oz

Cointreau - 1oz

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice - .5oz

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc5agGEctXc

on a twist to the classic there is the Yellow Sidecar

VSOP - 1.5oz

Peach Puree - .5oz

Passion Fruit Puree - .25oz

Cointreau - .25oz

Fresh squeezed lemon juice - .5oz

cheers =]

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A Dream? or a Movie?!

a crazy detailed dream i just woke up from and felt i just had to write this one down. it seemed so intense that it was just like a crazy chinese action movie... i woke up flipped out not knowing if it was real or a movie!? anyways thought i blog about it =]

starts off partially being my own life. on a cruise shit with my mother and my brother. but it didnt seem like any ship it was a ship on a great scale of proportion almost like the titanic. but we had living quarters which were like our own house or street apartment. and it ...Read more

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New Job and Grand Opening

Hey every one wanted to share that i got hired at the new Sino restaurant and lounge opening in Santa Monica at the new Santa Monica Place down next to the 3rd st Promenade. so im very excited and on top of that i was suposta be competing in Anual Soju Mix off down in Korea town aug 7th. so i guess this wont be a sure thing anymore due to the conflicting schedule of the grand opening weekend.

any how. if i am amble to compete on the 7th or not, i would like to invite anyone who is around town to come out and check it out. th...Read more

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The Bartender Hates You

Lol alittle funny clip i wanted to share.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFzEEiV6yfY&feature=channel

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Star wars Music video

For all the Star Wars fans!!! haha

Video: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1931187

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Auntie!!!! where you learn how do drive la????

lol really funny video a friend shared with me on fb.

auntie in singapore trying to reverse her car into  a parking spot... and ugh seems to have alot of trouble doing so.


Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUg04hCqGDg&feature=related

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