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Glad I found time to chill before baby popped! Now.... I can't even find time to sleep 😴. Thank you for the beautiful pics @nickyloh @gingerlynette @viviyeh_

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Moments before she came and changed our world... ❤️

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They say I still look good though I'm pregnant. Well it could be because I'm eating @yuxiangyan birds nest everyday. My friends told me it's good for my baby. ☺️👶🏼. Good thing about this birds nest is that they deliver it daily to me, wherever I am. 😋

beautytips #asiangirls #birdsnest

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Juggling a startup and motherhood might seem more than a handful. But we are all stronger than we think we are. Don't underestimate your abilities and never convince yourself to do less. @rhondawong #racewong #motherhood @ohmyhomesg

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My tech guys all super serious in discussion and I'm like "let's have a selfie!" But no one cares. Lol 🤔

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Bringing up 3 girls in my mother's generation was tough especially when my uncles all have sons and the Chinese believe having sons is luckier for the family. Yet my parents decided not to chase for a son and stopped at 3 daughters. Today, we are proud to say that our family, we 3 sisters have not let our parents down. As parents have done their best for us, it is also our responsibility as kids to bare certain responsibilities towards our parents. Moving forward, I hope to be as wonderful a mum as my mum has been to me. May I be as patient, nurturing and forgivin...Read more

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Years ago when @rosannewong was expecting her first child. And now... it's my turn ☺️! #sisterslove #pregnancy

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Last night at #sonnshan. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! @rhondawong

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What's it like running a startup? You just work non-stop rain or shine, pregnant or not @ohmyhomesg #lifeofastartup #endlesswork

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I love it when I'm home before the sun sets yet I'm rarely home till it gets dark. Prepping for the new version of our app, everyone in the office's working round the clock. Blessed to have a great team with us. @ohmyhomesg @rhondawong #racewong #singapore

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Hong Kong
September 11, 2007