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Sorry for being MIA but I'm officially back on the radar!

A couple months back in October I was asked to shoot some new spots for The Cartoon Network.  Now a couple of the spots are finished and I thought it was time to blog about them.

The cool thing was this was one of the only few times that they used live action people!

We had to shoot around 10 spots with a group of kids who sang different theme songs in each spot.  Of course, this would all be accompanied by crazy cartoon effects which would be all added later.

Our first objective was to shoot in a huge bluescreen room...

The kids they got were really good! They were all quite photogenic and had spunky personalities that were perfect for television.

In between takes they would all chat and play on their mobile devices.

All the parents knew in advance to bring along things that would occupy time =)


The spots were directed and produced by Evan Steer, who works for Cartoon Network.

One of the reasons we had to shoot on Bluescreen as opposed to Greenscreen, was because one of the main franchises of Cartoon Network is Ben 10, and the color scheme for his costume and his major prop, the Omnitrix, was GREEN!

They sure didn't skimp out on catering!

We ended up shooting for 2 full days.

In the end, it was a super fun shoot and I can't wait to see how these kids will turn out!

And here are some of the finished spots:

Video: http://



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Backlog blog #2!

A couple months ago I had worked Behind-the-scenes filming for this Sammi Cheng photoshoot for british brand Aquascutum.

This was for their new fall/winter collection and they flew in the photo team all the way from France.

Coincidentally, this shoot happened a week after the Eason shoot in the SAME studio!

It was a quick and fun shoot! They went through around 10-15 outfit changes, I think.

More quick Backlog blogs to come!

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I admit it, I'm guilty.

I've been a bad boy.  Or a neglectful partner.  

Or to quote Pacino, "An absentee landlord".

Either way, I haven't been there and I've been neglecting my blogging duties.

I equate it to "working out at the gym syndrome".  You want to do it, you enjoy doing it and you know it's good for you BUT... It's something that you have to make the time to do.  It's something that can easily be pushed to "Oh, I can do it tomorrow", and of course we all know that tomorrow never comes.

And it's definitely not for lack of stuff to talk about.  The past 6 months or so have been quite adventurous and I've been involved in some incredible projects.  I've also done a lot of traveling, probably the most I've ever done in such a short period of time.  

So, in my defense, I have been justifiably working hard!

But enough about that.

Let's just forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones!

Derrick Fong, "Blogmeister" is BACK! were we talking about again?

Oh yes, that's right:


I was asked to do some behind-the-scenes shooting for Eason's latest photoshoot for Adidas's newest campaign - "Adidas is All In".  

I was also involved with their Shanghai rebranding launch a couple months back, which I will blog about soon.

They flew in the photographer, Matthew Williams, from Los Angeles.  He has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Lady Gaga, and will soon be working with legendary photographer, Nick Knight, in London.

The concept for the shoot was quite interesting and involved projecting large graphics onto the wall, balloons, a horse, and an ice cream truck!

Before Eason arrived, I had to stand in for the test shots![](/attachments/2011/06/02/03/61114_201106020329517.thumb.jpg)

Eason was a great photographic subject, and was always full of energy and jumping around.  He has such a playful nature, almost like a big kid!

They had about 8 outfits to get through and not a lot of time to do it in.

Then came the horse...Apparently the horse loved to eat Ice Cream, and it just so happened that we had an unlimited supply from the Ice Cream Truck![](/attachments/2011/06/02/03/61114_201106020338042.thumb.jpg)Then came the Ice Cream Truck...I mean, how could you NOT have fun in an Ice Cream Truck? =)Eason sure did!

Afterwards, we conducted an interview with both Eason and Matthew before wrapping up for the day.Scottie Hui was also my shooting partner![](/attachments/2011/06/02/03/61114_201106020349228.thumb.jpg)Overall, a fun day and both Eason and Matthew are super cool guys.  Keep an eye out for the pictures in most Adidas stores now![](/attachments/2011/06/02/03/61114_2011060203492210.thumb.jpg)

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2010 --> 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!Oh yeah...Since this is our last year you guys better enjoy it before...

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For the past couple months I've been doing quite a lot of traveling and therefore have been a little behind on blogging.  I still have a backlog of trips to KOREA, JAPAN and LOS ANGELES to blog about!But first...This is 852 Film's 2nd feature length film and is directed by WONG CHING PO (Jiang Hu, Ah So) and stars JUNO MAK in his first feature film leading role, and SORA AOI in her first Chinese feature film.I was asked again to do the Behind-the-scenes/Making-of for the film, as I had already done the Making-Of for their previous film " Dreamhome".Here's some behind-the-scenes photos I took when I wasn't rolling video:Director Wong Ching PoJuno Mak, who acted as producer and also helped come up with the story.JAV Superstar Sora Aoi.852 Film's bosses, Josie Ho and Conroy Chan.Just in case you weren't clear on the roles.The director sits into the position checks the framing of the shot.Of course, Conroy had to give it a try too![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_201012050442264.thumb.jpg)The director demonstrating the right smoke technique to get it to float in front of the camera.Sora seems entranced by the smoke.This looks like Sora is being possessed by some spirit![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_2010120504422610.thumb.jpg)But I guess she ain't afraid of no ghost![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_201012050447401.thumb.jpg)Two camera set-up: one high speed, the other regular speed.Look what I found![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_2010120504474012.thumb.jpg)Of course, we had to represent as well![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_2010120504474013.thumb.jpg)Tony Ho played one of the cops after Juno.That's the last time they asked me to park the car...Sora doing her best zombie impression.Juno striking a pose.Sora striking a pose back![](/attachments/2010/12/05/04/61114_201012050455381.thumb.jpg)Sora is quite funny and energetic, always happy and giving off positive vibes. It was very fun to have her around.Can't forget THIS, of course =)And last but not least...!!!We shot this at the end of 2009 and a bit of early 2010.  It was a nice contrast from the filming of DREAMHOME, where a lot of the sets were built on studio stages and we would be filming at one location for an extended period of time.  On this shoot, we were filming on location and were moving to different spots frequently.  It was definitely a different pace.The movie just got released so please go support and watch it!Also, DAN F did the amazing and dark soundtrack!Here is the trailer below:Video: and one last thing...PLEASE check out the Nokia x Alivenotdead banner on my page.It will only take a minute of your time and will help Alivenotdead A LOT!Its services like these that keep Alivenotdead FREE and AVAILABLE for us to use.So please help us out and take a little time to check it out.THANK YOU!

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So I know this event already happened several weeks ago and has been blogged about multiple times....BUT I have an excuse!  Immediately after this event (on the same day in fact) I was on a plane to Korea for a week!  Then when I got back I was swamped with work trying to meet a Nov. 1st deadline!SO....I'm gonna blog about it now  For those who don't know, "Flugtag" means "Flight Day" in german, and that's exactly what all the contestants do.  They build a crazy contraption and "attempt to fly".This event is super popular in Europe and the U.S. but this is the first time they are doing it in Asia and its cool that they chose Hong Kong as the place to do it!  The location was the newly renovated West Kowloon Cultural District.Myself and the crew were representing the official ALIVENOTDEAD team, so we had to make sure we left a big impression!#CONSTRUCTION PHASE The brains behind this operation was Raffi a.k.a Etchy. He was our certified engineer and was left with the task of scientifically designing this plane to perfection.  Raffi decided on bamboo as our material of choice because it was sturdy, used by hong kong building workers for decades, was affordable (CHEAP) and would apparently float on water.The ICC's ominous glowing middle-fingered giving its support as the work went well into the night.Finally the beast was ready to leave its lair and breathe fresh air![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060021227.thumb.jpg)Basking in the light of the Hong Kong skyline, the beast looked out at its competition and the place where it would spread its wings for all to see.With steely determination, our team prepared for the trying day that was to come.#FLIGHT PHASE The day had come!  Now it was the time to see if mere men could fly like the birds![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600212210.thumb.jpg)Our theme was "LOST" and Simon, Vince and myself all dressed up in Dharma Initiative jumpsuits.Our fearless pilot and fourth member, Gloriana, drank some Red Bull to calm her nerves![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060023092.thumb.jpg)One of our sponsors, Jonathan from "ThisMusicStudio", checked out the plane.The man with the plan, Raffi, doing last minute checks and giving his approval.One last pose before we headed off![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060023099.thumb.jpg)Security was tight, as the crowds rushed to get the best view.Even the Na'vi wanted in, but its probably unfair since they can organically fuse with their flying devices![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060026588.thumb.jpg)Suddenly we were rushed by a gaggle of Marilyns![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060026589.thumb.jpg)Although I think one of them looked a lot like JESSICA C.The DJ booth was under the huge display screen.The judges were on the water, watching from a boat with the best view![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600230910.thumb.jpg)We had plenty of support and help from Jae and well as the SUPERCAPITALIST TEAM......and even LISA S.![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600334510.thumb.jpg)...which also did not go unnoticed  The flight crew stood ready as it was finally time for the teams to go up.The stage was set![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060033451.thumb.jpg)Reebok's team was one of the more anticipated ones because they apparently spent a lot of money on their plane and had a lot of resources available.....AND they had CHRISSIE CHAU![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060033452.thumb.jpg)At long last it was our turn to go next![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036163.thumb.jpg)Let's show them what we got![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036162.thumb.jpg)Gloriana having second thoughts......but she quickly overcame her fears with a little stripping =)One last product placement pitch![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036168.thumb.jpg)Gloriana strapping in![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060058504.thumb.jpg)##...and HERE WE GO! Video: In the end, we tied for 3rd and won best performance!  This was a very fun experience and I am totally looking forward to next year's!  Gonna start designing the plane NOW!Thanks to Joyce Yung and Dennis Lo for the awesome photos!

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Here's a quickie entry:All I got to say is:##"I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER! More updates very soon!

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100,000 hits!

Thanks to everyone who've spent the time to read my little musings!  Hopefully you guys will still be around for the next 100,000!

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"NOW I CAN" Part 2 -

Its been a long time coming, but finally part 2 of "Now I Can" is finished and released on the world!Video: here are a couple behind-the-scenes photos:And for those of you who want to read more about this and watch the first one click HEREPEACE

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The day has finally come...After 27 Days, 3 countries and 2 rainstorms we've come to the end of the 2nd Phase of production... SuperCapitalist has wrapped!I was brought on to this project more than 8 months ago by Derek Ting after meeting him through our mutual friend Chung Tsang.  This was Derek's three year passion project and I'm honored to able to help him bring it to reality.I will go into more in-depth detail in future blogs but for now, here are some highlights from this incredible journey...This was Day 1 and our first location was The Hong Kong Poker House.  The ironic thing was that a few days later, the place was busted on its last day of operation for "illegal gambling"!  Talk about great timing![](/attachments/2010/09/14/16/61114_201009141658122.thumb.jpg)Being precise in LKF.One of many luxury cars we were lucky enough to use for our shoot.Fellow Alivenotdeader, Desmond So played a news reporter.Improvised Filmmaking, Hong Kong style![](/attachments/2010/09/14/16/61114_201009141656466.thumb.jpg)Last minute re-scheduling when we got rained out![](/attachments/2010/09/14/16/61114_201009141656465.thumb.jpg)Rain or shine, we still gotta get the shot![](/attachments/2010/09/14/16/61114_201009141658127.thumb.jpg)Blocking the shot at a night time wetmarket.Apparently this location was used in quite a few hong kong productions.We had the privilege to shoot in HYDE, a new members-only club/pool hall that hadn't opened yet.One of the scenes was also on a party junk boat with a bunch of models![](/attachments/2010/09/14/16/61114_201009141656468.thumb.jpg)I felt like a space marine with all this gear on![](/attachments/2010/09/14/17/61114_201009141702501.thumb.jpg)Of course, there was still some time to goof around on set![](/attachments/2010/09/14/17/61114_201009141702504.thumb.jpg)And finally, we had the wrap party also at HYDE.This has been a fantastic experience and I've definitely learned a lot and put my skills to the test.  We started in New York, then came back to Hong Kong and finally filmed in Macau. Thanks to the AMAZING AMAZING crew who put their blood sweat and tears to get this project in the digital can and put out 200%.  This could not have happened without you guys.It almost feels anti-climatic now that we are finished, since the moment went by so fast. Its that summer camp feeling of getting to know a group of people in a short period of time and now we have to go back home.  I will miss seeing them everyday and hope to work with them on the next project.  But this the life in this industry.We're only half way there.  Now its on to the 3rd Phase...POST PRODUCTION![](/attachments/2010/09/14/17/61114_201009141702506.thumb.jpg)For the latest, please join the facebook page:[![](/attachments/2010/09/14/18/61114_201009141805251.thumb.jpg)](/

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