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Summer in Chi...er.....Goth.....um......Metropolis & Smallville!

Hey everyone!!!!    Hope everyone has been having a great 2011!!!     Pilot season is underway in Chicago right now with 2 shows filming now and an 8 episode show for Starz coming soon after these wrap.  Unfortunately I can not talk about what I've been working on but when I can, I will and they have been way cool.   Let's just say this week I've been surrounded by bunnies and its not Easter yet!!   We also have no idea what is going on with Chicago Code yet.  We're just stu...Read more

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The Chicago Code Now Airing!!!

Hey everyone!!!

It's been a while since I been on here.  Things have been going great!!    I've been working on a few small things at the moment.   A couple of them, I can not even talk about.   According to the agreement, I'll be able to talk about it after it airs.  

In the meantime, The Chicago Code has finally started airing!   We had our big TV debut on Fox a few weeks back on Feb 7th.    While anyone who is watching it loves it, the ratings have not been too great.  We placed 3rd each week.  T...Read more

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Yet another new preview for The Chicago Code!!!

As we get closer to the release date, we get more and more new previews are hitting!!!    Lots of scenes I worked on and lots of friends show up in this one.   I'm hearing now that we might get a theatrical debut  of the first episode showing in Chicago right before it begins.   Critics have been raving about it and we are all hopeful more episodes will get green lit and possibly a second season.

Also at a big television conference yesterday, Foxed announced it's global plans for the show.   Glo...Read more

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Ghost in the Graveyard & Chicago Code Updates

               Hey everyone.   I got an email recently from the director of the project where I played my first lead role.   He said the editing is coming along and the project looks great.  Originally, it was planned to be about 15 minutes long but now it may run longer with all the options and scenes he has.   He should have a rough cut done in a few weeks and then will start adding music and special fx work which there should be a bunch of scenes involving that.  

   I'll get it online somewh...Read more

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Predators Game Teasers 1 & 2

   A perfect crime requires a perfect victim!

     That's the tag line for a project I am very excited for that's coming up this year in Chicago.   Predators Game will be filming later this year.  I have been a part of a few of the investors trailers we've been shooting all over.  You seen some pics from the other one.   I'll have more to post in the weeks ahead.   Here's the first of the 2 teasers available now:

Video: PREDATORS GAME is a feature-length crime thriller se...Read more

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Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!!

Sorry it's a little late everyone but I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season.  I had a nice little break and managed to catch up on rest and with some friends.   2010 was a huge year for me and I hope it brought good things to others as well.  Now on the verge of the new year, I look forward to many new and exciting things ahead.    That being said, I kicked off 2011 today by getting back to work on a cool little scene for Predators Game. 

All the best in 2011!!!!!

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And that's a wrap for Chicago Code......

Hey everyone!!!      Chicago Code officially wrapped up production late last week.   I did not get to work on the last episode but have had a great experience working on 12 of the 13 episodes!   I did find out how hard episodic TV is to work but I am willing to do it all over again and it does prepare me for a tv show of my own design I want to develop.   Now on to Feb to start watching it and see if we get the 'back 9" episode order from Fox along with another full season!!

I also wrapped up a 3 ...Read more

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How I spent my weekend.

Last weekend was a very busy one for me.    And the crazy thing was, every project just fell in my lap on Wednesday and Thursday night.   Weekends are off days for The Chicago Code so I am always looking for projects to fill the void on weekends.   I am lining up many things now that should fill the void when most productions break for the winter season.   I am looking forward to some sort of break but this business of acting and producing films and tv is in my blood it's really hard to shake.


Friday I went...Read more

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With the Thanksgiving holiday coming this weekend, all the projects will almost shut down completely.   Chicago Code has a short day coming up and then a break until Monday.   Engaged was going to start filming on 11/27 but has now been pushed back until 12/10.   I was kind of disappointed when I got the message today but it will actually help me out big time.   I am doing extras casting on it and I was having a hard time getting commitments from people because of the holiday.   In the meantime I won't be relaxing much, I'll be helping ...Read more

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Gorillaz - Stylo PV

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhPaWIeULKk

I like popping by here and seeing all the ads fro the Gorillaz concert.    If you have seen this vid, check it out!!   It's awesome!!!    Not too sure if I like CG Gorillaz versus the cartoon ones.   I have been playing this song pretty non stop on my mp3 lately.

Hope everyone is doing good and having a fun weekend.  I'm in the middle of a marathon weekend that started Friday with a trailer sh...Read more

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