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Summer in Chi...er.....Goth.....um......Metropolis & Smallville!

Hey everyone!!!!    Hope everyone has been having a great 2011!!!     Pilot season is underway in Chicago right now with 2 shows filming now and an 8 episode show for Starz coming soon after these wrap.  Unfortunately I can not talk about what I've been working on but when I can, I will and they have been way cool.   Let's just say this week I've been surrounded by bunnies and its not Easter yet!!   We also have no idea what is going on with Chicago Code yet.  We're just stuck in the middle, not a failure and not a success.......

But I just found out the other day big news for summer.  I heard rumours we lost the new Batman movie but they were going to use Chicago for Metropolis for months but didn't believe them til I heard confirmation.   Well it's official now.  In August we'll have the new Superman remake here for 10 weeks using Chicago for Metropolis and a small rural farm town about 1 hour outside Chicago for Smallville.   Way too early to try out for it but I will keep everyone posted!!!

Also still to this day in shock about the continuing situation in Japan.   I lived there for a little bit and it saddens me every time I see  a headline or video.   Most of the people I knew there are ok but I wish them the best and keep them in my prayers!!

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cool! even Smallville needs police officers! ;-)
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