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Predators Game Teasers 1 & 2

   A perfect crime requires a perfect victim!

     That's the tag line for a project I am very excited for that's coming up this year in Chicago.   Predators Game will be filming later this year.  I have been a part of a few of the investors trailers we've been shooting all over.  You seen some pics from the other one.   I'll have more to post in the weeks ahead.   Here's the first of the 2 teasers available now:

Video: PREDATORS GAME is a feature-length crime thriller set (and filmed) in Chicago. The lives of a Chicago outfit Hitman in love with the daughter of his boss and a serial killer with an obsession for beautiful women he wants to make perfect, become intimately and surprisingly intertwined.

  FBI profiler, Dr. Richards a leading expert in the field of serial

killers, is pulled from retirement to join forces with lead Detective John Burke, who is tasked with putting a stop to the murderous havoc of this dangerous Predator.

  Detective Burke, is in a relationship with television news 

reporter Cynthia Lee as she reports on the gruesome discoveries, and unwittingly catches the eye of the serial killer.

  The Hitman’s life is changed forever as the serial killer 

manipulates events in his life which sets him on a rampage of carnage in search for this unlikely opponent.

  Time is running out for Detective Burke and Dr. Richards as they 

seek this Predator who is playing a deadly life and death game with all of their lives, and race to find him before the Hitman does which leads into to a shocking climactic ending!Video:The second one reminds me of something out of a Johnnie To film like Full Time Killer or something.  You can check the film's website  with more behind the scenes pics here:http://www.distantstarfilms.com/

2011 is the year of the Predator!!!

I can't believe how excited I am for this year and it's only January 3rd.......                                  

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nice! for some reason from the name, i assumed this was the next Predator sequel! :-P
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