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Ride Along Updates

Hey everyone I am in the middle of a busy week and trying to figure out how to fit everything in as well as try to sleep sometime.  There's a film coming to town for 2 days and I'm waiting to see if I can work on it.  It looks like it maybe Thursday if at all.   On to the updates

First off they finally added my name to the list on the official imdb page.  There's some confusion due to a movie with rapper Icecube attached to it but this is the tv version.

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Ride-Along in Chicago's Chinatown!!

I spent the day in Chicago's Chinatown for the filming of the 3rd episode of Ride-Along.   I can not go over the details but it is shaping up to be another cool episode.  The episode is once again directed by Clark Johnson who has been on both sides of the camera and also did episodes of The Shield and Homicide.   If you are familiar with Chinatown here we shot some sc...Read more

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Ride-Along, Transformers 3, and Hostel 3 updates

     My week became busy and unbusy in the matter of a few hours. 

I am working a 2 day stint on the 3rd episode of Ride-Along today.   It 's a scene in Chicago's Chinatown area.  It's really cool for me cause this will give me a chance to show off the area to friends I made while I lived in HK.   I don't know any of the details but I have a few friends I got on as extras so it will be fun when we aren't filming.

Transformers 3....Ugh!!!    This production is making me sick...Read more

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It's a wrap for Ghost in the Graveyard!!!!

                        Well for me anyway!!!  I finished off the last scene today which was a surreal sequence of me crawling through a pillow-fortress-tunnel set.   We had to make it enclosed and used lots of colourful light.   The dp also shot some of it with a fish eye lens to make it more strange looking.

I even got to do a short scene that will surely end up on the gag reel which was a line Bruce Willis  did in Die Hard!

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Finishing up my first lead role today!!!

         Today is an exciting day for me.  I am finishing up on a project I started a few months back,   It's a short film called Ghost in the Graveyard.   It is the first time I have played the main character before, usually I'm in smaller bit parts or supporting parts.   My character's name is John and he is a high school janitor.  He is kind of a broken man, has problems focusing on reality and is kind of a big kid.   The story moves in and out of flashbacks and in the present time, over the course of a...Read more

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Transformers 3 Chicago Filming Part 1

Hey everyone!!   For the past month, TF3 and Michael Bay have tore Chicago apart for filming then ending of next year's big movie.  I have tons of pics from it.   Not all these pics are from me, there's a million floating around on google images and such.    Here's just some of them:

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Homeless in Hong Kong!

Hey everyone!!    Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.   One of the things I have been working on and what got me working in the film industry is a book I am writing.  I am announcing on here that I have put it on hold for the moment to concentrate on my acting career.   I will still complete it, I just have so much I want to work on in the meantime and I am still trying to establish myself as an actor.  I will mention I am at the same time planning a tv adaption with all the experience I am gaining from the shows I have worked on. ...Read more

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2nd Preview for Fox's Ride-Along

Just finished a day of office scenes on Ride Along today.  I have a few new cool pics which I'll do a massive update later.  The 3rd episode starts filming on Friday and I am excited cause we will be filming many scenes in Chicago's Chinatown area.   For right now, here's the 2nd preview for the show.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8QQRvbwUKU

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Cast as a Police Officer on a new Fox TV Show!!!!

Hello everyone at AnD again!!!     Sorry I have been away for a while, hope everyone has been doing well in their endevours and projects.   I have been ultra busy with one thing after another and another.   I'll catch up on blogs about them here but there was one week where I was leaving on set and running to another across town.

One of my current projects which I am enjoying is a police drama show for Fox called Ride-Along.  We are wrapping up on the second episode and starting work end of the we...Read more

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Transformers 3 to film some scenes in Chicago in May!

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