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Hey everyone!!!     I guess I officially can talk about this now.  I am joining up with a crew for production on a tv pilot called Engaged.

I'll be working more behind the scenes  with series creator and director Andrew  Maro and help with casting extras for the production as well.   I might pop up in there somewhere too!   I'll be able to probably do updates on production  and some behind the scenes info as well.  Filming kicks off 11/27 and I for one am super excited to be a part of the project.

In the meantime, here is the ...Read more

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Shameless for Showtime

Hey everyone!    Finally some days off.   I put in a crazy amount of work this past week and especially this weekend.

I got to work on a tv show for the Showtime cable network called Shameless.  There were no acting or even extra roles available but I got a last minute call (2:30 AM and needed on set before 9:30 AM) and ran to Chicago to work as a stand in.   It was one of the most fun days I have ever had on a set.   I got to work with the actor William H Macy, a guy from Prison Break, and the kid from the live action Dragon B...Read more

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This week on The Chicago Code

Hey everyone.  I am going on the end of a long week of filming.   My favourite project I am on is The Chicago Code AKA Ride Along.     Big changes are taking place on this show in the next few weeks.

First and foremost, they are adding content to almost every episode we filmed.  They are adding flashbacks to when Jennifer Beals' character was a child is one example.   Also episode order is changing too.  They are adding more action scenes as well.   I had a few small speaking parts in episodes 1 & 3 but now those...Read more

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The Doritos Commerical is up!!! Crunch Girl Returns!!!

Hey everyone!!!    The guys at Keltone films are fast!!!!     They have that Doritos commercial up already.      Crunch Girl returns  and we will not go hungry!!!

I had a great time working on this and it came out really funny.   We are in a contest to have it air during the Superbowl and of course some $$$$ prizes.

Please check it out!!

http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/?video=1862<...Read more

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Doritos Commercial

Hey everybody!!

It's been a wild 2 days.   I have had about 3 hours of sleep and am finding out next week might be crazier than last week!

Today I filmed a commercial for Doritos for some local film makers.  We had a blast shooting it.  I worked with the main actress from the "Special Day" short.  The director should have it up sometime next week which I will share the clip on here too.  Well I am going to crash before I wind up sick.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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HUGE filming day in Chicago Thursday!!!

Wow!!!       We should rename Chicago to New Hollywood for a day.

 I got messages from the 2 casting directors that they want people to keep Thursday very open for them.   We have 4 projects filming on Thursday!!

*  The Chicago Code   episode 10

  • A small indie movie called One Small Hitch

  • The movie Contagion

  • And a new Showtime drama called Shameless

I know I'll be working on one of these Thursday but don't know which as of yet.  ...Read more

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Back to writing on Homeless in Hong Kong

Hey everyone!!    I've been figuring out what to do with myself when everything shuts down filming mid Dec.   One of the things I will go back to is writing more chapters and editing on my book.  I haven't touched it since early spring and the file just stares at me on my desktop every time I am on my pc.    I may even play with some script writing too.  I just learned of a program some of my friend use and may try to adapt a chapter or two into a script or an out line for some short films.   All my experience...Read more

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Special Day is now up!!

Hey everyone!!    Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.  I know I did.  

The short film I worked on the other weekend is completed and a cut is up.   Previously it was only  available as a video on Facebook (which was a pain to share with everyone), but now it is on youtube for all to enjoy.  

It was shot over the course of one weekend by a local director named Scott Grenke.   He also wrote and produced it.   I worked with him on his 2nd film called Sister Mary which should be available soon.  It is shot in bla...Read more

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Contagion Chicago Filming

On Monday I went in for a two to three day stint on the new Steven Soderbergh movie for Warner Bros. called Contagion.   People maybe familiar with it as it has filmed in Hong Kong for a few weeks before it came to Chicago.   I think Chicago is going to be the epicenter for most of the filming.   They shot a scene last Wed that was to match up to a scene in HK.   They also shot a London nightclub scene here too.   They is some hospital scenes that are supposed to be set in Minnesota and I know the CDC (Center for Disease Control) wh...Read more

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The Chicago Code

If there's one thing Chicago knows, it's how to punch back!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgb5e7zrymM&feature=share

Here's what has been taking up my time for the better part of the past year!    On episode 9 of 12 this week!

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