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VJ Audition in Chicago

Hey everyone!


Sorry I have not been on here too much again lately.  Been busy with a few projects.  This week has been one for the record books.  On Monday I did some extra work for a short film called Shine Baby Shine.  It was pretty easy just time consuming plus I was sitting there in an audiance most of the day.  Today (Thursday morning where I am at right now) I have an audition and screen test for a music video show.  I would be a guest VJ and it could become a full time gig.  The show has been on here in Chicago...Read more

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Little Fockers Chicago Filming!

Hope everyone had a great New Years.  I was up all night and the party I was at looked like the hotel room from The Hangover in the morning.  Minus the chicken and tiger of course.  I'm still a bit wired so I am writing a blog about The Little Fockers filming.

I had heard about another movie coming to Chicago around August but the details were scarce.  Robert DeNiro was wrapping up production on a movie in Michigan.  After talking to one of the casting directors I know, I found out it was going to be either the new...Read more

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Happy New Year!!! 新年快樂 2010!!! あけ!!! おめ!!!

I know it has occurred already in most countries but here in Chicago, we have less than 4 hours to go!!   I'm dropping by to leave a message before I go out and start the party.  Hope everyone had a great start to 2010!!!

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The Hobbit Castings and LOST Video Contest!!

I got a cool email today from one of my friends about casting and extras casting  for The Hobbit in New Zealand.  It is totally old school casting style where you have to physically send them your photos and videos.  Also you don't try out for specific roles but just send your info and they will contact you.  They did mention you would have to be available for a two film commitment.  As I found out in Hollywood, you are either what they want or you are not, not really much in between.  Although this one may be...Read more

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Painting gig for a kid's bedroom wall!

I had a call from the cousin of one of my closest friends today.  She wants to hire me to draw and paint a mural of Spider-Man swinging in the city for her son's bedroom wall.  She seen a small drawing I did for a kid before and heard I majored in art in my first few years of college. When I was a teenager I did want to pursue drawing comics for a career but got shot down horribly by a Marvel editor during a portfolio review.  I kind of gave up after that.   I nervously accepted but I honestly have not drawn any...Read more

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Very rough cover concept for my book

Hey everyone!!    I'm sharing one of the first rough designs for the cover to my book.  I have a few others but I am not as happy with those as this one.  It came from the design background of my blog but it works so well like when someone coined the phrase that become the title, it just came quick and worked.  I still plan on a trip to HK before publication to gather some more reference photos.

The book is still coming together but editing has been the biggest difficulty for me.  What to leave in and what to ...Read more

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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Little Fockers!!!

Back in October I had the opportunity to work on the new sequel to the Meet the Parents franchise, Little Fockers.  At first I was in the running to be the stand in actor for Robert DeNiro himself.  It was between me and 2 other people with Mr. DeNiro himself choosing who he wanted.  I did not get it because he wanted someone older but it was still an honour to be in consideration.  I did get to work on a scene for one night.  The scene involved Ben Stiller and Jessica Alba meeting at a hotel while Robert DeNiro was spying on them from some...Read more

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Hey everyone from AnD!!!    I haven't been here for a while, hope everyone has been doing good!!    I have been busy in the meantime.  I have been on slew of short films plus a major one.  Was part of a photo shoot for a local magazine and also working on my own projects.  I haven't really had any big news or have come closer to finishing my novel but I did get a few things settled on adapting it for tv.  Plus I may be part of a really cool project next year.  I'll announce more on that later as it develops. 

On another side ...Read more

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on here much latley.  Been super busy with some things.   Hopefully after next weekend, things will calm down just a little bit.  I think I was online a total of 20 mins for about 4 days plus I have an on and off again sickness driving me nuts.  I have some cool stuff to put up when I get some free time.   Hope everyone has been doing well!!


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