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Recovering from a wild weekend!!

I am worn out from a wild weekend in Chicago.  I went to a convention promoting Japanese animation and culture and had a blast.  I attended a voice over workshop and met up with some old friends.  I'll have a bunch of pics to load up tomorrow and maybe a cool suprise or two.

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Nightmare on Elm Street Update

Here's a quick update on what's going on with NOES.  I have been kind of on call but it looks like they are targeting more filming of the scene I worked on for the first week of June.  Meanwhile I have been wearing my hair in the style they suggested which I am not crazy about but it makes me look older.  I am also supposed to be doing photo double work and am up for being used again in another scene.

This week they have been filming some daytime high school scenes at Elk Grove High School outside of Chicago.   ...Read more

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Homeless In Hong Kong!! Book to Movie or TV??

I'll post a little update regarding whats going on with my book.

I haven't done anything with my book in months, sorry to say.  I have 17 notebooks fully of chapters hand written sitting around.  I reached the point where I just don't know where to end the story.  I had it all planned out where I would kind of follow to the end point, but last week while working on Nightmare, I got a really great idea for another book so......   I have had my first look agreement with a publisher expire last...Read more

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200 Days and 2 Years

WOW!!    It's hard to believe I have been on here for over 200 days now.  It didn't seem like that long ago I had ran across the site on a google search for something else and signed up.  I have enjoyed my time on here so far and actually almost had a few gigs from here.   I am sure things will be much better when I move overseas again.

And a big Happy 2nd Birthday to Alive Not Dead too!!   Patrick and his crew have a great thing going on here.  And it looks to expand more in the future.  The TV show idea looks to have lo...Read more

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Day 2 on The Nightmare on Elm Street Set

Day 2 wasn't much different from day 1.  I still had lots of fun!  We had a 1 hour later call time but by the time we got to shooting, the sun was out.  I did gain more insight in shooting car chases which will come in handy when I want to adapt my Homeless in Hong Kong story to a film medium.  I also was supposed to be doing photo double work but we never got around to it.  Jackie Earle Haley will make a great Freddy.  I think we have a few more days of shooting this scene left but I'm hearing the earliest we...Read more

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Day 1 on The Nightmare on Elm Street Set

Well I'm done with the first offical day of actual filming on the Nightmare remake.  It was kind of a cool scene.  For being a 9+ hour day (which is actually short compared to some movies I was on) we only filmed for about 4 hours and maybe 3 scenes.  The first actual shot was recorded at 5:30 PM.  The set is an creepy old abandoned steel mill in Indiana.  There s lots of twisted pipes and steam all over.  We have to wear hard hats and rubber boots on set.  The new Freddy was there too, no make up but  the classic...Read more

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Just got cast in the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake!!!

Well its official, I just found out earlier today that I got cast for a part in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  I'll be playing on of the angry parents who form a mob to catch Kruger.  If you saw the original or know the Elm St. story, an angry mob of parents hunted down Freddy and lit him on fire and killed him.  If its true to the original, then it will be a cool scene with some stunt work and people on fire.  Plus I'll get to see Jackie Earle Haley whos coming off playing Rorschach from W...Read more

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Maybe I should move!!

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me.  I made a new connection and he can hook me up with auditions for some tv shows like Gossip Girl and the Closer.  I also can go audition for a movie in New York called The Baster w/ Jennifer Anniston.

The thing that really got me to consider moving is I got a hold of the casting director for Fox's 24 season 8 which starts filming in about 2 months.  I am sending my resume and photos tomorrow  and there is about 3 recurring roles I would qualify for.   A change of scenery might ...Read more

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Nightmare on Elm Street Logo

I found the logo for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie we have starting production soon.   Looks like it is pushed back  a bit already.   It was supposed to start filming on 4/27 but now its on for 5/5.  It is supposed to run through July in the Chicago suburbs.   I am answering a casting call today along with some other mailings I have to do.

Also I am reading the script at the moment.  I'm about 40 pages in out of 139.  Not too bad so far.  It does retread some moments from the original but its updated for the n...Read more

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Another Travel Show Opportunity???

After a brief trip to Chinatown for some good grub but no Red Cliff DVDs, I ran across another posting for a travel show host.   This is the 3rd one that has fallen into my lap.  The first one was awesome, anout going to foreign countries and exploring tattoos in their cultures.  This new onealmost sounds like the way some my earlier trips were.  Like showing up in Taipei with out a hotel and finding one even though I can't speak any Chinese or showing up in Vegas for a weekend during the SEMA show with EVERY hotel  boo...Read more

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