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Chicago Heat is now on youtube

Hey everyone!!    I guess some people have had problems with the vimeo link.   Now my team's 48 Hour Film Project entry is now on youtube.    Please enjoy!!!

We should hopefully know if we win or advance to the next round of the competition soon!!   I'll keep updated on that!!

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Chicago Heat (48 Hour Film Project Chicago Entry)

Hey everyone!!   I spent the weekend working for a great team for the 48 Hour Film Project.   I believe the HK one takes place in Oct but the Chicago one went down last weekend.   Once again it was challenge to come up with something good start to finish in under 48 hours.   I am very proud of the effort this year.   It is a bit tiring but if you do have the chance to work on it, I say go for it!!!   Finding some like minded people who love making film is totally worth it on it's own. 

We just ha...Read more

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Contagion Trailer

Hey everyone!!!

The preview for Warner Bros. new movie Contagion popped up recently.  It has a huge cast and was shot all over the world.  I know there are a few people from AnD who worked on it as well!!   It looks great from the preview.

I worked on it several times and am still waiting on all my paperwork from the SAG office for a scene I was in.  The poster is pretty cool despite it's minimalism.    It opens in the US on Sept 9 and I'll find out what some of the other world wide release dates as well.

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The 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago is on!!!!

I joined in on the 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago again this year.   This year we had an interesting theme and a really good team.  I am playing a cop named Officer Taylor.  It was a long day, over 14 hours of principle photography alone.     Now it's on the director to finish with the editing and everything else.    Screening the finished product on Tuesday night.

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The Playboy Club Trailer


Here is another one I worked on a few months back.  I wasn't happy with it but NBC sure was and ordered a full season of it.   They resume shooting in Chicago at the end of July.   The other weird / interesting thing I found out about it.  Being a show about Playboy, you expect it to be dirty but not on NBC.  The producers actually went and shot lots of nude scenes and sex scenes for it which will be added to the dvd and blu ray release.  I bet those will sell like crazy!!!

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Boss Trailer

Hello AnD!!!!      It has been a while since I stopped by.  Been super busy with all kinds of projects again, big and small.   I've worked a few times on this show which is coming out in Oct in the US.   It was very cool to work with a legend like Kelsey Grammer.   I honestly expected him to be a jerk but he was actually a pretty nice guy!!!


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The 24 Hour Film Race

Hello all!!    Hope everyone is doing well!!!

I had such a fun time last year on the 48 Hour Film Project that I've decided to join up on the 24 hour one this weekend in Chicago.    Then next week will be a busy week here again too.   We had a few projects blow into town including a pilot for MTV.   Have a great weekend AnDers!!!!

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One of my favourite scenes from Chicago Code last year!

Hey everyone!!!  I've had a hectic past few weeks here but am getting some progress on a major project I will be doing this year.   I spent about 6 hours on one of my off days just looking at and trying out various cameras but it's nice to be getting somewhere with it.  One of my friends sent me this link to a preview for next week's Chicago Code that FOX posted already.   Honestly I did not expect them to show off this scene but hopefully it will draw in more people and better ratings this ...Read more

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Full Predators Game Trailer Now Online

Hey everybody!!!   The trailer shoot for an upcoming movie I worked on last fall and earlier this year is online.   Sorry there is an embeddable file right now but it is the first one on the site.   The director worked very hard on this, using a pro editor and musician to create a dark and ominous score.  He had a big showing for us over 2 weekends at a local theater and it was awesome to view it on the big screen.   It should play right when you go on.   Enjoy!!!

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Helping Get Donations for the Japan Disater

The other weekend I was at a local entertainment expo and pop culture convention in Chicago called C2E2.  The show took up a  full weekend and everything from tv shows like True Blood and The Walking Dead to comics and movies like the upcoming Thor and Green Lantern to having the  toy company Mattel there showcasing their various toy lines.    Japanese animation was also present with a US theatrical debut of the movie for Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance.   Various companies and sellers were accepting donation...Read more

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