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Ghost in the Graveyard & Chicago Code Updates

               Hey everyone.   I got an email recently from the director of the project where I played my first lead role.   He said the editing is coming along and the project looks great.  Originally, it was planned to be about 15 minutes long but now it may run longer with all the options and scenes he has.   He should have a rough cut done in a few weeks and then will start adding music and special fx work which there should be a bunch of scenes involving that.  

   I'll get it online somewhere and definitely share it on here. Then I hit the festival circuit with it!!!   

    On another side note, a TV critic has posted a mini review of the first 3 episodes.  He said they were so solid, he forgot he was watching a network TV show!!!

These next few weeks are kind of huge for me.   A lot of the stuff I worked on last year is finally coming out.

Jan 9     Shameless starts on Showtime TV Networks

Jan 14    The Dilemma hits theaters in US and Japan

Feb  7     The Chicago Code premiere on FOX TV networks

Plus I have another police station shoot on Sun for Predators Game.

The year is off to an awesome start, I gotta keep the momentum going!!!

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