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Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!!

Hey everyone!!   Sorry I don't have alot of time to say hi to everyone individually, but I hope everyone had a safe and merry X-mas holiday.

I'm still without a carso my internet time is limited.  Hopefully I'll have one up and running by New Year's Eve and then I can find a kick ass NYE party in Chicago to go to!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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Hey everyone!!   Sorry I haven't been around much lately or been able to respond to messages and my guestbook.  I had a car accident a few weeks back.  Fortunately, my friend and his his gf were not injured and neither was the person driving the other vehicle.  I'm ok physically, just some aches and pains in my arms and neck.  I am lucky I got hit where I did on the car cause it could have been much much worse.  I'll beback sometime when I can straighten some things out and get a car again. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day ho...Read more

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The Dark Knight Deleted Scenes Part 2

Here is some more on deleted or changed scenes from The Dark Knight.


One of the days I was downtown Chicago for my costume fiiting in the police uniform.  I stumbled upon them filming a scene by the IBM building.  It was supposedly a scene involving the mayor having a dead Batman hanging outside the window of his office.  They used a dummy for most of it of course.

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The Day Gotham General Blew Up!!



This is the one from a guy who was across the street.



This is the one from where I was standing!


The next big scene I worked a 2-day gig on was the big hospial scene in the movie.  I found out a few days earlier in the movie th...Read more

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The Dark Knight Deleted Scenes

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sEo7xzaaxA

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-HEMeApII

As most of you all know, I got to work on the Dark Knight last summer for the last 7 days of shooting here in Chicago. It was an amzaing experience that still feels surreal or like a dream to this day. I get crazy flashbacks when I am downtown and walk by an area we sh...Read more

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Happy Halloween

Hey everyone!!    I am really really pressed for time today and tomorrow but I wanted to say happy Halloween everyone!!   Hope everyone had a fun and safe one.  I'll have pics from a party I am attending later on.


Also I'll catch up with everyone that signed my guestbook, added me or left me messages!!   Thanks again so much!!

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My IMDB page and other links

I am applying for an offical artists page on here and they sent me an email saying I should update my links and such.


Here is my IMDB.com page.  I need to renew and get my pics back on it.


Here is the page for my offical blog for my book I am publishing next year.


And here is my facebo...Read more

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Homeless in Hong Kong Chapter 1

Homeless in Hong Kong Chapter 1 : Life in Tin Shui Wai Park

It won't stop raining. It's been going on two weeks since I have been homeless on the streets of Hong Kong, thirteen days to be exact. There must be another typhoon or monsoon or something crazy. If I could understand the weather report or read Cantonese, I would probably know this. It is crazy to think I have been living here for almost one year and have not picked up much of the language at all. I think it has been raining non-stop for fifteen hours ...Read more

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The Homeless in HK blog!

Welcome! 你好! ようこそ!! 어서오세요!! This is my blog for my book, Homeless in Hong Kong. It will also serve as my blog for all my other media projects such as my tv shows or upcoming movies I work on. I will start it off with the whole first chapter of my book. I will later on include some samples of other chapters or writings as well. I really hope this blog will showcase the journey from being just a series of scribbles in notebooks to a full published book. I also want to show the path from starting out as an extra in movies to becoming a ...Read more

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