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Special Day & The Chicago Code

Hey everyone!!!

I'm reeling from a long day into late night for Halloween last night.   I got online and find some awesome news.  One the short film I worked on last weekend which we called tentatively The Ritual has been renamed Special Day.  It was finished in black and white and looks fantastic.  I didn't see what else they filmed that weekend, I was only on towards the end.  I'll show it on here when I can.

Also the renamed Ride-Along into The Chicago Code has had new trailers airing this wee...Read more

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Batman 3 = The Dark Knight Rises!!!!

This little tidbit of info popped up this week and set the Chicago acting community ablaze with excitement!!!

We have heard for months now of locations secured for Warner Bros. in Chicago for filming next March and April through summer for an untitled "action movie".   Christopher Nolan dropped this week that Batman 3 is going ahead full speed and the title ...Read more

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Working on the new Matt Damon movie next week!!!

I got the call just a few hours ago.  Looks like I'll be working 3 days next week on Contagion, which is the new Matt Damon / Steven Soderberg movie which also shot in HK recently.

Looks like next week is off to a good start!

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Updates and Ride-Along Name Change!

I just got done with a crazy bit of work for the past 4 days.   I actually only had about 5-6 hours of sleep for the past three days alone.

Here's how it went down:

Sat---Worked on a short film tentatively titled the Ritual.  I played a cult member complete with a black robe and we sacrificed a girl on a round abandoned fountain.   I have some pics from it, I will have to post when I can recover.  This was a project for a director I worked with before and he may have a cut finished next week.

Su...Read more

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No Dancing in the Hei Hei Club!!!

I found some more of my back up dvds from an older computer and am looking back reminiscing about my time I lived in Hong Kong.   When I first got out there, I got totally caught up in the night life.  It was one of the most exciting places I have ever been and was really an around the clock town.  More than New York or LA could ever hope for!    I think I had spent every weekend for the first few months from Thursday night until Sunday morning in Lan Kwai Fong.

The first girl I dated out there gave me a tour my firs...Read more

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Good luck Team Alive not Dead!!!

Good luck to team AnD at the Red Bull Flugtag today.   I've been to the Chicago one a few times and it is a really fun time.   Can't wait to see pics and vids from it.

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Anyone from AnD working on CONTAGION?

Hey everyone.   I just got back from a casting session with Rich King who is casting for the Chicago leg of the Contagion shoot.  I seen Josie Ho and Chin Han (from The Dark Knight) were listed.  Anyone else working on this?   They said they were shooting part of it in HK now.   The story sounds really awesome.

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Ron Howard's The Dilemma trailer premieres!

Hey everyone.   Thanks for all the comments and messages the past few weeks.  I had a death in the family a few weeks ago so I have been away dealing with that.   I just actually went back to work on Ride-Along last night.

One of the things I worked on over the summer was a new movie directed by Ron Howard that starred Vince Vaughn and Kevin James.   It was a fun experience.  I was hired on working as a stand in for Ron Howard's brother, Clint.   I also went back a few times and extraed in a few sce...Read more

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Official Police Training

Hey everybody!    Hope everyone had a great weekend or holiday if you are in the states.   I just found out a little bit ago for Ride Along, that the casting director would like us to under go official police training to increase the realism of the show.   The main police technical adviser would be teaching us and we could qualify for "real" police roles on other projects.    I am all for it.  I am willing to do anything for a role I am on whether it is gain weight, cut my hair, colour it, speak with a dialect, etc.     Read more

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Horrible Accident on the Transformers 3 Set

The other day while filming a highway chase scene in Indiana, one of the stunts went wrong and one of the extras driving in it was severely injured.  They were dragging a vehicle on back of a truck and during an explosion, one of the cables came loose and sliced into a vehicle driven by one of the extras.  The cable tore through her truck and sliced her head so deep, it went to her skull.  She was airlifted to a hospital in Chicago where she underwent brain surgery but is said be recovering now.   This was a scene ...Read more

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