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From New York to Miami!!!

Sometimes I love to check to email.

I got a message in my email about an episode of CSI:Miami is filming some parts in Chicago.  I have to send my pics and resume to a office in LA.  From the looks of it, there is actually about 3 characters I am up for according to the description.

Its real cool to me to cause back in '07, I worked on a episode of CSI:NY that came to Chicago for filming.   Wish me luck!!!

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Audition Day

Sorry I am really backed up.  Back on 4/5 I had 2 auditions in the same day.   The first one I would hardly call an audition.  It was more like take photos and fill out a sheet of paper on a clipboard.   I was out quickly which left me a bit of free time between appointments.

The second one was a little difficult.  I showed up and waited about 45 minutes for them to talk to me.  Then I was given a 3 page script to read over but I didn't have to memorize it, just do a table read with another guy.  After looking it over for about 10 mi...Read more

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2nd Trailer for Public Enemies!!!!

I didn't know they had a second trailer for Public Enemies coming so soon after the first one.   So far this is the only place to see it.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch this in a theater soon.   This one really isnt too much different from the first one except less of the footage from the bank robberies. 


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Hard Candy Fond Farewell Party

Hey everyone!!   Short notice here!!   A really cool girl group I met before while I was in HK is having a big show on 4/7.  Hard Candy's bassist Alex is leaving HK and there are having a big show at the Wanch.   If you never seen them before they put on a rocking show.  I seen them a few times before I left in 2006 and one time their drummer Renee even met me at a train station and rode a bus with me to their gig!!!


The show is at 9 PM at The Wanch at 54 Jaffe Rd in Wan Chai .   Its free admission and 3 o...Read more

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2 Auditions for Movies in Chicago Today!!!

Well I am not a nervous wreck this morning. I wound up getting 2 auditions scheduled today which is cool cause I live about an hour outside Chicago and it saves me a trip. I just wish the weather was better. I have one at 12:30 and one at 2 PM. Both people know about the other one so if I am running late, they are okay about it. Wish me luck!!! I also plan to stop by Chinatown for some yummy food too. It's been so long since I had some authentic Chinese food.

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Old 2R Concert Video from '06

Back in '06 after everything went to hell and I was broke and homelessin HK.  Free internet was a premium I needed to at least send messages to friends and relatives in the US to let them know I was ok.  Also trying to keep up with some of my friends in HK too.   There was a place in Tin Shui Wai where I could use it free for a few hours.  Sometimes I resorted to the little counters in Yuen Long shopping plazas that allowed free 10 minue or more sessions. 

One day I was at YL Plaza and the girls who worked there...Read more

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A Few Quick Pics From Japan Nite Concet 2009

Read more

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Japan Nite Concert in Chicago

Tomorrow night is one of my favourite nights in spring.  Its the Japan Nite concert.  Its a yearly showcase featuring up and coming indie acts from Japan that get a nice week long tour through the United States.  A couple of acts from last year are returning this year,  detroit7 and The Emeralds.  Also on the bill are SA, SPARTA LOCALS, FLiP, and Omodaka.   I can't wait!!!!

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My english teaching career in Hong Kong

This is probably going to be the first flashback post on my blog here.  In between movie set stories and upcoming projects, I'll write about how my life in HK was.   One of the coolest things I did out there was teach english to kids.  I started out small with a school in Tin Shui Wai a few times a week but then was going to have a huge ESL gig at a remodeled school.   The school was even going to put up posters and billboards all over HK promoting me and my friend.  We wanted to go for a look like these guys:

...Read more
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Sneak Preview for my HT Action Figure



Because on here and a few other sites I post on, I have had a lot of questions about this.  So I am posting a teaser pic from Hot Toys website.  First off, I didn't get Hot Toys to make it, I was a very very very minor character in the movie.   The figure will be a one of a kind custom creation mainly fo...Read more

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